YouTube Music Will Allow Download Songs on Your Mobile Automatically


As many know, YouTube Music is a service of the Google video platform that allows a more personalized interface for audio and video playback.

In general, it is a service that allows us to listen to our favorite music from the preferred format and having playlists at our fingertips.

Now YouTube has added a much-anticipated feature for all users, and it's the opportunity to download songs directly to mobile devices.

It is a system Smart Downloads which enables Download up to 500 songs automatically

The songs that will be downloaded will be those that the user has a market with the "I like it" label"

For YouTube Music Premium

The only disadvantage that many will see in this new service is that it will be available only for premium users.

This "intelligent download", then, will be responsible for giving us only your favorite songs, not those found in the playlists or other selected songs.

However, it could also take songs that it detects fit our tastes.

Smart Downloads is actually an improvement of the Offline Mixtape function, which already exists on the platform and which, as the name implies, works offline.

Download songs without you noticing

The difference of this with other services is that you will always be downloading songs, it will do so at night while you do not use your device to make the download lighter.

The mobile or tablet Android must be connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to perform the operation. So the higher the speed of the connection the better.

The highlight of this, is that you can configure the function so that you download only the number of songs you want, delete space, among other preferences.

This in case you have some limits on the storage of files on your computer.

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