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trip "width =" 640 "height =" 426 "class =" alignnone size-full wp-image-6831 "srcset =" viaje.jpg 640w, 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px "/><br />If you are considering taking a trip this summer and want to do it in your own vehicle, first of all, before making plans, it is your safety. Take advantage of this moment and check the ITV Alcobendas offers to get your car ready, and make your trip safe and become a success. Below we highlight some of the most important services, with interesting facilities to make an appointment, and a discount that you cannot miss. Take a look and do not hesitate to take your vehicle for review. Without a doubt, you will go on a much quieter trip.</p>
<h2>ITV Alcobendas, your best choice</h2>
<p>Cars need periodic inspections that are completely mandatory according to the regulations of the DGT, so that any vehicle is in perfect compliance with all the safety requirements for driving on the roads.</p>
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<p>The objective of any ITV is to meticulously check that both the general condition of the car and the vehicle's safety features are in maintenance conditions that allow it to circulate without constituting a danger either to its occupants or to any other person. The minimum requirements of respect for the environment are also checked.</p>
<p>In ITV Alcobendas a completely comprehensive service is provided, which consists of the vehicle inspection, as well as a subsequent follow-up after the inspection, for resolution of any doubt in the review, because the most important thing is the safety and customer satisfaction .</p>
<p>In addition, you can make an appointment online through the App + Iteuve, just one click away, very easily and quickly. Take advantage of promotions, which always suit any budget, especially if you are going to make a trip these days, with a discount of 12 euros if the payment is made online. Everything is easy, economical and intuitive.</p>
<p>And most importantly: Applus + Iteuve stands out for its level of commitment to people, so that customers with a certain degree of disability, pregnant women, or people who do not dare or are not prepared to pass the ITV of their vehicle, specialists will pass through them. You only have to communicate it when you are going to make the visit for the inspection.</p>
<p>All are advantages, so it is best to take advantage of this moment to pass the inspection of the ITV, and not miss the Applus + Iteuve promotion, as well as value-added services.</p>
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