Your animal residence near Seville


Are you looking for an animal residency near Sevilla? If the answer is affirmative, stop looking since Petjilton is the best option as we are going to see next.

Near Seville and with collection and delivery service

When we look for a dog or feline residence, we want it to be close to the city, not to be lost 20 km from our house and in the middle of a moor that is difficult to reach.

residence near Seville

Petjilton has taken this into account and that is why it is close to the city, offering also a pick-up and delivery service of our pet.

If for any reason you can not take your pet to Petjilton they will pick it up at home and deliver it when you return, which gives you extra peace of mind, as it is sometimes difficult to transport our pet, especially if it is a giant breed dog.

They offer education and hairdressing service

Petjilton is a canine residence where all the necessary services for our pets are offered, among which are education and hairdressing.

Our pets, especially dogs, can present behavior problems that can be corrected with the help of a professional and a little work. In this way, if your dog has these alterations in their behavior, in this animal residency they can help you.

a dog residence very close to Seville

They can also help you with the hygiene of your dog, since they have a canine hairdressing service in which besides washing, deworming, cutting the nails, cleaning the ears, etc., of your pet, they make a haircut suitable for their breed.

This service is especially attractive, since sometimes we live in very small houses where it is complicated to wash our animals, not to mention that certain breeds can leave us the bathroom full of hairs.

Individual rooms and large outdoor areas

When we choose a residence to leave our best friend is very important that we look at the facilities they have, to see if they are appropriate.

Petjilton offers our pets single rooms. As you can see I have said rooms and no cages, since what this residence has are very similar rooms to those we have at home.

zone games residence sevilla

Further, the residence has "common areas" in which the animals that do not have behavior problems will be able to enjoy the sun, games with other companions and the exercise necessary to have good health.

These outdoor areas have vegetation and even beds so that the dogs can lie in the sun while they rest.

Our animals have to be vaccinated to be admitted

Finally, tell you that Petjilton has a requirement to admit our pets, and is the one with the vaccines up to date. This we credit with the passport or passport, in which the vaccines, the date and the seal of the veterinarian will appear.

In this they are strict, since an unvaccinated dog or cat could cause a problem of enormous proportions, infecting the other animals immediately when they are together in the play areas.

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