Yoga: the best therapy for your body and mind


Many times, life keeps us in constant stress, anxiety and fear, this is caused by the constant hustle and bustle of modern life, so we need techniques that not only help us to have optimal health in our body, but also let us relax and heal our mind; It is here that yoga becomes an essential activity to achieve this.

Yoga, a possible activity to learn

With programs such as Therapeutic Yoga Expert, the participant can easily learn in depth everything related to the discipline of therapeutic yoga, using it as a means for maintenance, recovery and way to improve health through various exercises, methods and hygienic and sanitary recommendations.

A new and practical way to learn yoga, through the latest in education technology, being 100% online and adapting to professional needs.

What are the characteristics of this course?


This Yoga program is carried out by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. It is a private and catholic university that is located in Spain, which offers 20 degrees and 60 postgraduate degrees through its different faculties, being the first to offer study programs with pioneering methods, whose strategy has led them to be a more international university, with students from more than 70 countries.

Programs updated with the latest scientific evidence

Its educational programs have a design that has taken into account the latest discoveries and scientific advances. The scientific evidences with which they are sustained, have been obtained through the investigations of the core and isometric exercises exposed by professionals, as well as the neurophysiological bases that serve to improve the state of the mind of the people, through breathing exercises , of relaxation and meditation.

Trained professionals

Within this program there will be teaching of professionals oriented to the exercises of therapeutic yoga, which allows to give all this training during their classes; Similarly, there are health experts, who are responsible for complementing the program in an interdisciplinary way.

These professionals know the therapeutic yoga techniques essential for student education.


The study program has multimedia content that has been designed with the latest technology for education, allowing learning to be located and in context, which means that it will be in a simulated environment that will give the student a deeper learning, where they can practice the necessary exercises for each case.

This thanks to the use of an innovative video system with which you can interact, designed by professionals recognized in the discipline of therapeutic yoga who also have experience in teaching.

Relearning methodology

The relearning methodology works through the use of real cases, where students can have an optimal development of their abilities, since they must apply knowledge and concepts to solve these cases.

Since through situations that have occurred in real life, ideas, suggestions and knowledge can be assimilated in a better way, so you will learn to solve complex circumstances in simulated environments for this learning.

Drills are created through software with the most advanced technology, giving teaching, along with teacher guidance and participation, deeper levels of understanding.

Through this method, students will be able to put into practice the most efficient ways to deal with each case and learn in a more agile way the most effective techniques for a better personal and professional development.

Therapeutic yoga is an easy discipline to learn, in this way students will be able to access these online study programs that use the effective relearning method, thus improving their professional level and thus being able to help patients who need a care of their body And from his mind.

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