XII National Handicraft Awards


The National Handicraft Awards, which in 2019 celebrate its twelfth edition, are promoted and organized by the EOI Foundation through its handicraft area, Fundesarte, and convened by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

The announcement of the awards is intended to give institutional recognition at the highest level to those trajectories and actions generally recognized as excellent and exemplary in the field of contemporary crafts; with the general objective of promoting the development and competitiveness of small and medium-sized artisan companies, encouraging innovation, design and the ability to adapt to the market.

The objectives of these awards are: prestige craftsmanship, presenting it in an environment of quality and excellence; recognize the merits of those artisan companies that stand out for their creativity, market adaptation, social and environmental responsibility and capacity for innovation, while retaining the specific characteristics that define them as such; recognize the work of institutions, organizations and companies whose actions have contributed to achieving the objectives pursued with the constitution of these awards.

The prizes have five categories :

  1. National Craft Award: the set of a consolidated work is recognized. Individuals or legal entities whose activity is dedicated to the production of objects of a technical and formal quality may participate and will be assessed to contribute to the sustainability of the Environment.
  2. Product Award: For those products or collections made and sold in the two years prior to the date of publication of the call.
  3. Entrepreneurship Award: Destined to recognize the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial company that has a trajectory of less than five years in the handicraft sector and that has stood out for the introduction of new concepts in the sector in any of the areas: product, distribution, marketing, design , etc.
  4. Promociona Award for private entities: For private entities and organizations that have carried out programs, campaigns or initiatives to promote handicrafts.
  5. Promociona Award for public entities: For public entities and organizations that have carried out programs, campaigns or initiatives to promote handicrafts.

The winners They will receive a representative trophy and also a cash prize.

  • National Craft Award: 7,000 euros.
  • Product Award: 3,000 euros.
  • Entrepreneurship Award: 3,000 euros.
  • Promota Award for private entities: 3,000 euros.
  • Promociona Award for public entities: no financial endowment.

To send your candidacy You must complete one of the following forms, depending on the category you are presenting to. Remember that you can check the categories here or in the bases. The entity that submitted your proposal must complete the following form.Application Proposal Form

Before completing the form and to answer any questions we recommend reading the section frequent questions.

In the following link you can consult and download the bases of this call, whose registration period ends on August 7, 2019.

Extract from the bases of the call published in the Official Gazette of 08.07.19

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