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If you have driven at night and if you have driven different cars at night, you have surely noticed that not all of the bulbs are the same. Some emit a more yellowish hue, while others have a white or even blue glow. Also, newer model cars tend to have much brighter lights than older cars. Everything is due to the bulb and lens installed by the manufacturer.

Xenon bulbs, also known as high intensity discharge or HID, are a little more expensive than simple bulbs, but they last much longer. They are much brighter and emit a white light that is more similar to daylight. You can get them on the Xenonttaccesorios website.

What are Xenon headlights and how do they work?

Executive, luxury and sports cars are more likely to have Xenon headlights installed as standard to help mark their premium status. However, you can also get a Xenon 55W kit to use in your car.

These headlights now follow the most modern LED headlights on the glow stakes, but a set of quality Xenon headlights is still an excellent option for driving at night. These are derived from the xenon gas used inside each bulb that helps give them their characteristic bright light.

An arc of electricity is passed through this gas and, because there is no metal filament to heat and eventually burn, each xenon bulb is expected to last longer than its halogen equivalent, sometimes during the life of the car to which it is equipped.

Benefits of Xenon headlights

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of Xenon lights, they are brighter and can last longer. However, the greatest benefit of these focuses is security.

Xenon spotlights are typically about 2 to 3 times brighter than halogen headlights, which allows them to shine significantly. Additional visibility forward when you drive a car equipped with Xenon bulbs could make a difference when detecting and braking in case of danger.

These not only shine even more, but also have a more uniform light than halogen bulbs. This means that there are no dark patches in your view forward, with edges on both sides of the road better lit. The latter can be particularly important if you live in an area where pedestrians, cyclists or animals could cause danger at night.

On the other hand, it also gives a great look to your car, because they are very beautiful lights that in addition to protecting you, light the way, they look good both in cars and motorcycles, without having a canbus system.

Recommendations for use

Cars that have Xenon lights as an accessory must have a sink to keep them clean. This is necessary because dirt and dust can disperse the light and blind other drivers.

The cleaning system generally consists of a high pressure screen wash jet, but even small cleaners can be used. These bulbs are also usually equipped with a leveling mechanism to ensure that they do not aim too high to dazzle other drivers and also not to aim too low and that you do not have a clear view ahead of you.

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