Work began at the Assbasalud Clinic in San Cayetano


On Friday, July 12, the intervention works of the physical plant of the San Cayetano de Assbasalud Clinic ESE began. With an investment of $ 196,192,395, the Secretariat of Public Works of Manizales is in charge of this work.

The interventions will be focused on the change of drains, sanitary and hydraulic installations, plasters, resanes, covers, ceilings, floors, finishes, veneers, metallic carpentry and facade painting. The works will have a execution time of three months. The contractor responsible for carrying out this maintenance will be Grupo Conservación Conguadua LTDA. represented by Jaime Botero Medina.

"Any definition of the quality of health care, complex or simple as it may be, privileges the user and involves aspects such as accessibility, opportunity, safety, belonging and continuity of care, which must be considered in the provision of services of health that Assbasalud offers to the community. Now, if all of the above is backed by a comfortable and comfortable physical infrastructure, which is the purpose with the works of the San Cayetano Clinic, we can provide a better stay and experience to our users "said José Vicente Aguirre Arango, Head of the Office of Health Services of Assbasalud ESE.

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