Winter Gazpacho, a recipe from the Sierra Norte de Sevilla


Would you like to be able to take Gazpacho At any time of year? With this recipe, from Winter Gazpacho it's possible.

This gazpacho is great accompanied by a good Spanish potato omelette. It is a typical dish of the town of Cazalla de la Sierra (Sierra Norte de Sevilla).

Take advantage of the properties of the Andalusian gazpacho.


Winter Gazpacho Recipe:

1. We put the bread in a bowl with Water.

winter gazpacho: dipping-the-bread-in-water

2. Fry an egg in a pan.

Winter gazpacho: Fried-an-fried-egg

3. Once the bread is soaked, we add it to the blender together with a tooth of Garlic, a few sheets of peppermint, half a glass of olive oil, a squirt of vinegar, salt and egg We have fried previously.

Winter gazpacho: whisk-all-the-ingredients

4. We beat all good and we add Water depending if we want the gazpacho more liquid or thicker.

It is served at room temperature.

Voilà! To eat gazpacho in winter!

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