Why we like holidays so much


We have many excuses to go on vacation: we may want to discover a new city, that we want to go to the other part of the world to visit a family member with a friend, achieve a goal or a promise, or just to disconnect for a while.

The classic excuse for not traveling, that it is very expensive, no longer works: and there are many companies that are responsible for offering all kinds of destinations, at ridiculous prices, available to all types of users. A good example are the Travel Avantrip.

From this platform it will be very easy to find the perfect trip; From home, it will be a matter of indicating the origin, destination, date, passengers and class, to obtain a list of the best travel options.

If you're still making excuses not to go on vacation, then you should read this list with excuses to go on vacation.

The best excuses to go on vacation.

Discover the world

When we talk about discover the world we refer to you can appreciate different landscapes to what you see in your day to day. You will be able to delight yourself with those paradisiacal beaches that you have only been able to contemplate in photographs or movies, get lost in those immense street markets, in those cities that are overflowing with people, or rest in a remote place where nobody bothers you.

You can also find a wide variety of floras and fauna, staying with your mouth open to discover animals and insects that you have never seen before.

You can meet other cultures

Another advantage of traveling is that it lets you know other cultures. You can integrate yourself in all of them and it will help you to know how to respect them.

It is true that you will find some things that you do not like about each culture but, in general, you will not have any problem, since people are usually tolerant of themselves.

This will make you grow a lot as a person.

It will allow you to leave your comfort zone

If you are somewhat tired of your day to day, and you need new Adventures, traveling is the best way to get out of your comfort zone. It's time to take the backpack and give yourself a good trip, without thinking about anything, without thinking about what will happen once you return.

It is a good way to appease laziness, to put aside the routine and to return with the batteries charged and all kinds of new projects in mind.

A good way to learn English

English is the most common language we will find almost anywhere in the world. Traveling will allow you to learn the language better (even if you have no idea how to speak it).

Surely you find a way to understand yourself with people.

You will meet new people

You will meet local people with whom you will connect directly on the road, and with other travelers who have your same purposes. You can make very good friends traveling anywhere in the world.

And these are just a few excuses to travel, but there are many more.

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