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See Toy Story 4

Many generations of people have grown up following the Toy Story movie saga of Disney / Pixar. The sensitivity, kindness and charisma of characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Cara de Papa, always loyal and ready to entertain and protect their owner, have captivated millions of spectators of all ages.

And is that keep a film franchise alive whose first installment was launched in 1995 is not easy, especially if we consider that in 2019, 24 years away from the first "fever" of toys with a life of its own, Toy Story 4 got to become the first box office in cinemas in practically the whole world, highlighting its impressive results in Europe and Latin America. According to specialized media, Mexico was its best territory in the region, collecting 23.4 million dollars at the premiere. Although in the United States it did not reach its initial projection of 125 million, it did achieve a not inconsiderable number of 118 million, which can be considered another success.

If you have not seen this movie yet you may be one of those who think that once the toys were separated from Andy it did not make much sense to continue with his story. However, we invite you to know some reasons why you should see Toy Story 4:

  • You can see Woody and his friends in his new life without Andy
  • You will watch Woody with his new owner, with whom he has accepted that he will no longer have the role of leader of the group of toys that he enjoyed with Andy, which is a different and novel facet of the character
  • You will see the reunion of Woody with a beloved character from his past
  • The typical humor of Toy Story remains intact, including the strange attitudes and beliefs of Buzz
  • If you like the creepy, there are some characters that will make you feel familiar, even more than the infamous hybrid toys of Sid
  • You can see beyond: What would be the next step or option for toys, once they stop belonging to a particular child?
  • There are new characters and very, very funny.

See Toy Story 4, new characters

See Toy Story 4: the closing of a cycle

There are many more reasons to see Toy Story 4, but without a doubt the most important is that virtually all of us grew up with these films, which have already achieved the line of timelessness: if as a child you saw the first and the second, possibly not only you made them see your children, but you enjoyed them the third in 2010. The saga is part of your life and for that simple reason you can not miss the end of a cycle in world animation, with which it has been announced as the last feature film about the faithful friend cowboy and his gang.

You can go to see her at the cinema or also wait for her to appear on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Gnula, but what is certain is that it is a film that will go down in the history of animated films and that At the moment you should consider watching, even if you are not exactly a fan of the saga or in general of this type of movies.

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