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Asia is an amazing destination for any western and in this continent there are countless different proposals for all tastes. Indonesia is a truly amazing country and does not leave any traveler indifferent, no matter how accustomed he is to know the world.

Indonesia is a true natural paradise

All things that can be said about Indonesia fall short. It is not the same that they tell you that you live in the first person. Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why it stands out is for its incredible natural beauty. The country has jungle and countless green areas that we can visit at any time.

If we talk about natural places where we can live unique experiences, Indonesia offers many proposals. Among them, some stand out as:

  • Bangkang cave in Lombok
  • Visit the Bromo volcano or the Ijen (Java)
  • Swim between jellyfish or meet the smallest primate in the world in Sulawesi.
  • Travel to Sumatra to meet orangutans in freedom.

Do not forget something as important as the historical and cultural legacy that this country has. A trip to this country would not be the same if you don't visit a corner like Borobudur. It is a place where the largest Buddha monument in the world is located, dating back to the eighth century, something that will surely leave you impressed. This is just a small sample of the history and culture that we will find at every step.

A country full of hospitable people

To enjoy a trip like this, you just have to change euros to Indonesian rupees and prepare to live a unique trip. In a country of 250 million inhabitants, it is logical that there are countless different cultures and religions. This large number of people makes it a unique country where many different festivities are celebrated.

As a general rule, Indonesians and other nationalities that meet throughout the country tend to be quite hospitable. They also love that foreigners go to visit their country, of which they feel completely proud.

In a country like this, it is not surprising that many different kitchens meet, making Indonesia have a very tempting recipe book. If you are a real foodie, in this country you will find a destination from which you cannot escape, because it will captivate you.

You can not miss trying dishes such as nasi padang, ayam bakar, gado gado, sambal, kye, nasi timbel, nasi uduk, etc. They are the most varied dishes that have flavors, aromas and textures that you would have never imagined before.

It doesn't matter what you're looking for in a destination as special as this. Indonesia has a lot to offer for any kind of traveler. The only problem you will find is … that hooks! You know, sooner or later you'll end up coming back.

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