Why put wallpaper in children's rooms


Good morning friends! Today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic … Have you ever wondered why so many daddies use wallpaper for their children's room?
The answer is very easy! The wallpaper can be put in a simple way, it is easier to clean than the walls, you can combine different papers, you can change it as many times as you want and the best thing is that it is the most economical form of wall decoration you can find !

When your little one is growing, it will change tastes and therefore its style, for that reason there is nothing more important that we feel comfortable, at ease and happy with the space that surrounds us. One of the most important reasons to achieve this is by decorating your room.

I recently decorated my niece's room with wallpaper and she has her job! since you have to choose color, taste trend, if you like football, animals, dancers, flowers or use the clouds, something so common in babies' rooms.

Without winding up I want to show you the latest trends in wallpaper for children's bedroom, that without a doubt you will love it!

This type of wallpaper NEVER fails! All the children have a predilection for animals, some for dinosaurs, others for dogs or fish … there are many and all of them are precious!

There are some more young, … and others more children!

Wallpaper gives a lot of itself, gives an artistic touch and eager to create and let explore the imagination. Below are some examples of these. It made me want to start drawing!

These papers remind me of children's stories and give rise to much imagination!

I have to assume that I love retro, everything that is restored old furniture with a vintage touch I love! And I did not imagine that there could be retro style wallpaper for children … It's total!

I love the rhombuses, also the role of the foxes, I find them old and in tune with the golden age. If in the end all the past fashions are the ones that come back!

Another reason that often draw much attention to children, are the means of transport: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, airplanes and a host of machines that will take your imagination to different corners of the world.

They are ideal for those kids who love to play with cars and trucks!

A special design for when they are a little bigger and they begin to have a predilection for marvel movies, they do not fail! I started being a fan of Mickey and his friends when I was very small and I would have loved to have him present on all the walls of my room!

And I say more, this type of wallpaper would not only use it for the children's room, I would also put it in mine 🙂

And finally the beloved room for babies, it is true that we try to choose a warm and soft color to give a sense of clarity, harmony and tranquility, but you can always give it a little extra special touch.

Well, if you look closely at the last image you can see that they are moons! Yes Yes! phosphorescent when turning off the light, is not it fantastic? This paper is without a doubt one of my favorites when it comes to choosing!

Well and with this we finish the tendencies that exist right now in the market. There is an infinity of other styles, with flowers, fantasy designs, avant-garde or Nordic styles … Yes, do not stay without choosing because you will regret, color, light and decorate the home!

Leave us a comment with the design that you like,
Greetings friends!

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