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For a long time it circulates through the network that Korean masks are the best and the truth is that there is no lack of reason to say that they are the best, but today we will see the real reasons.

4 Reasons why Korean masks are the best:

1. Let's not kid ourselves, the main reason why we all have at some point opted to buy our first Korean mask is because they are very funny. We can find them in thousands of textures, drawings, with very surprising smells and very good results.

2. The second reason is that besides being very fun their prices are surprisingly cheap. As in all we can find many prices, but we can easily find very good masks of this type for a price of about € 2 and even if we search well, we can find cheaper.

3. The results, nothing would be useful if only they were fun and cheap because we would buy one and we would not repeat it again. However, when you try some you will repeat thousands of times since, practically all work perfectly, yes, we have to respect the instructions and the time of use.

Four. The ingredients, we can find them of all kinds, but normally they are not very frequent to see them in Spanish masks, because the Korean ones give us almost personalized results.

How to use these facial masks like a professional?

Many times it happens that a product is good, but we do not use it correctly and therefore it does not work as it should, so follow these steps when you use your Korean mask and you will see how the results will be 10.

– Before putting on a mask, you must make sure that the skin is completely clean. It is recommended that you do it with a cleanser or micellar water that has a low pH, exfoliate and then put on the mask, in this way your skin will be perfect to receive the benefits of the ingredients.

– Use it the time indicated by the instructions. If you put 20 minutes is that time is not worth less or more time, then we will remove it and we will give a gentle massage with what remains in our faces. We'll wait a little longer and then wash with water.

– With what we have left over from the mask, we will be putting it carefully by the neck since, this zone is also very delicate and if you spend the mask with the rest you will also see the benefits.

– For us to be more comfortable, the ideal is to make a ponytail and put on a band, headband or tweezers to prevent the hair from coming to our face.

– And finally remember that if one day you wake up with a bad face for example you have it swollen, there is nothing better than putting a facial mask in the refrigerator for a few minutes, when you put it on, you will see the inflammation, the redness, and you feel much better.

Following these tips you will see how you are delighted with this type of masks since, they have nothing to do with the usual masks.

And you, have you ever used Korean face masks?

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