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Buying a drone is an idea that has occurred to many people around the world. And it is not necessary to be an expert in production so that we want to make use of this technological marvel, especially now that it has begun to become very accessible in the economic aspect. However, and as in any other field, there are devices created for professional use and offering the highest standards.

Among the multiple options that the market offers us if we are studying the purchase of a professional drone, are the fixed-wing ones. These types of drones are characterized by their excellent manageability, and among them a product that is currently selling very quickly, the WingtraOne, which has very interesting properties at a competitive price for professionals who require very wide shots.

The WingtraOne has a vertical take-off and landing (which allows you to park it accurately in areas as small as 2 meters by 2 meters) and is fully designed for those professionals who are looking for the highest quality when it comes to capturing digital image from the air. With this drone you can choose between multispectral or photogrammetric camera, depending on the high precision work you intend to perform. It is a very useful device in professional mapping tasks, in which it performs quickly and with high efficiency.

Buying a professional range drone: coverage is essential

Coverage is an issue that should always be considered when buying a drone or considering doing so, especially for professional use. It will depend on whether or not your shot covers the area that interests you for the project you are doing. The WingtraOne is a product designed to guarantee the necessary coverage, since it can take extensions of up to 400 hectares in a range of 3 centimeters per pixel. This gives us an idea about its scope and quality, which exceed 10 times those of a traditional drone.

WingtraOne is a product manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality standards, which guarantees a much longer period of life and functionality than other products in the field. Many times people choose economic solutions, including those made in China, which often do not meet the needs and also tend to have a very short life expectancy if we compare them with those products made with larger parts and processes quality.

WingtraPilot, the driving app that will solve your life

The drone operates with the WingtraPilot app (pre-installed in the radio control of the device), which is designed to provide quick, efficient and easy to learn control. In this way you will require less flight time to learn how to use the WingtraOne to its maximum operational capacity.

The drone works excellently with specialized Sony cameras of high image quality, such as the RX1RII (up to 42 megapixels), the QX1 and the RedEdge MX.

In general and due to its benefits that far exceed those of a commercial drone, the WingtraOne is an option that many people are taking for different professional applications that require greater coverage and performance. Undoubtedly an excellent equipment for the most demanding aerial shots and that can also be purchased online. You can buy it here.

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