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Michonne and Daryl have an X

If you are watching The Walking Dead, you may wonder why Michonne and Daryl have an x ​​on their backs, especially if you are one of the people who have not yet seen the seasons that exist or those who for some reason have not seen all the one hundred percent chapters. So before reading further you should receive a spoiler alert, although this is information that was already revealed by the series itself.

Michonne and Daryl have an X on their back: the kidnapping

Michonne and Daryl have an X

The answer is very simple: in the episode entitled "Scars" in the ninth season, we see how a former friend of Michonne, named Jocelyn, arrives in the Alexandria community, accompanied by a group of children. For having been old friends, Michonne trusts Jocelyn, who behind her organizes the theft of food from the village and at the same time the kidnapping of Judith Grimes.

Michone and Daryl go out to look for Jocelyn's group, but they are caught. In this captivity is that they are marked by the X, being burned in the back. So if you didn't watch that episode, you watch them skipped or any situation like that, this is the answer as to why Michonne and Daryl have an X on their backs.

Sometimes when observing The Walking Dead or other series we forget some details that due to the rapidity of the events presented we cannot adequately register in our consciousness and memory. It also happens that for some reason we skip episodes in the plot and that prevents us from finding out some detail that comes up several episodes later. These scars on the back of two extremely famous and beloved characters are a good example of this, so it is never enough to investigate our doubts on the internet.

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