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The electronic commerce revolution is changing many business models and the way the public accesses goods and services. Especially in the computer sector, where from the comfort of home you can buy electronic equipment.

But nevertheless, neighborhood stores continue to have an unquestionable advantage over online stores and large stores.

The boom in neighborhood computer stores began in the early 2000s, while home computers and internet massification became popular. The big Hardware and software companies relied on local merchants to offer the wonders of technology in the community.

But due to economic crises of recent years, local neighborhood stores have been losing ground in the face of the growing dominance of large stores.

Advantages of local stores

From the first second in which a person enters a neighborhood computer store, he begins to feel the difference:

Cordial and human treatment

Unlike large stores and online stores, where there is no interaction with another person, Neighborhood store owners strive to make the customer feel at home.

Personalized attention

People receive a personalized, friendly and kind treatment, where their doubts are heard and their questions answered with a true vocation of service.

For this reason, people who are not very accustomed to technology, find specialized advice that fits what they need. A quality that goes beyond a simple purchase and sale interaction.

Notable example of this is Holy Spirit Computing, a specialized store that since 2004 has opted to retain customers with first-class attention and after-sales service, making end consumers feel at ease.

First technical service

But Holy Spirit Computing, like most local computer stores, are not limited to the sale of computers, accessories and electronic gadgets, They also offer a specialized technical service.

People can deposit their computers with complete confidence that will be checked and repaired with professionalism and impeccable precision. Because not everyone should be entrusted with a hard drive with family photos.

Sources of local employment

Local shops improve the neighborhood. Neighborhood stores generate employmentThis makes a big difference compared to automated and even robotic markets such as Amazon, which in some countries are already starting to ship their products with drones.

Local commerce always favors the communities where they are located, they generate an important remuneration that is reflected in better public services, thanks to taxes, and promotes tourism.

Complicated warranty management

In case of a factory mechanical failure, the customer can easily manage the product warranty just by approaching the store, without the need to follow the complicated procedures that large stores and online stores apply.

Ease and closeness

One of the advantages that consumers most appreciate it's the fact that your trusted store is just around the corner. Unlike the large stores in shopping centers where apart from the cost in time and transportation, there are no extra expenses in small stores.

This feeds the loyalty of consumers who will undoubtedly return for more products and services.

Online orders

Adaptation is vital for any business. Neighborhood stores have understood very well the use of new technologies that provide customers with the service experience.

Now, from the comfort of their homes they can make any purchase through their web pages or request telephone service at home.

Adaptation to new markets

In Spain, it is customary for many businesses (in many areas) to be managed in a familiar way, from generation to generation.

But various economic recessions, over time has threatened the survival of these business models, to which is added the immense media and technological power of the Internet.

According to estimates, 15% of the global technology market is developing online, and is still on the rise, where gigantic international corporations such as Amazon and eBay are leading the way in these markets.

This panorama has meant a true adaptation challenge. Digital internet marketing has become an excellent resource to attract new customers and go much further. This means a Continuous management of promotion in social networks, websites, blogs, online forums and even memes.

However, it does not mean that values ​​such as the vocation of service should be lost. According to market studies, consumers increasingly appreciate stores that continue to give a close and personalized service, a true added value in a market where in large areas it is not considered a priority.

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