Who will win the East in 2020?


July 8 and 95% of the players have already been relocated in this free agency 2019. One of the craziest of recent years. A season of the most equal of the last years is approaching. Am I the only one who wants it to be mid-October? Focusing on matter, after THE DECISION of Kawhi Leonard, the Eastern Conference loses the most important player of his current champion. Leaving aside that the Raptors will remain competitive (Gasol, Siakam, Lowry …), it is clear that they have ceased to be one of the favorites. Let's see who are the candidates to occupy the throne.

Milwaukee Bucks 19-20: Ante and the challenge of Kobe

The current NBA MVP fulfilled the challenge that Kobe gave him two years ago: being an MVP. And now he's ordered to win the NBA. But first you must win the East. 2-0 up and an extension at home of the Raptors. Anteto was a few minutes away from standing in an NBA final. But the superlative level of Leonard and the appearance of the rest of the Toronto squad turned the tie.

The rest of the story we already know. Now, with the experience and the improvement that is presupposed for the next course, Anteto will try to assault the crown again. In this free agency they have only lost Brogdon and Mirotic (incomprehensible his case). They have kept the rest of the block and with it they will look for the title.

Philadelphia 76ers 19-20: Embiid has health

Toronto needed Leonard's miracle to defeat this team in a seventh. Butler and Reddick have left. But Simmons and, especially Embiid are very good. If the second one respects his health, it is the center most dominant in the league on both sides of the court. Possibly the most dominant player behind Kawhi. On the other hand, let's hope that Simmons works his triple and he also becomes a scoring threat.

Al Horford will accompany Joel Embiid as leader of the Philadelphia Sixers

Tobias Harris has signed a contract and must prove that the latter playoffs They were a bad dream. Finally, Al Horford joins this project weakening one of its top rivals.

Boston Celtics 19-20: Stevens touches you

After the surprise of 2018, came the disappointment of 2019 and the departure of Irving and Horford. But they immediately recovered and signed Kemba Walker. The Celtics have lost their defensive anchor and their glue in attack. Stevens will have to show what a great coach he is and reinvent a team that is now sunk. Tatum and Brown should consolidate what we saw two years ago playoffs and take advantage of being in the weak conference.

Brooklyn Nets 19-20: the New Rich of NY

Irving, Durant and DeAndre Jordan. Of one touched. Letting go of D'Angelo Russell. But keeping the rest of the block that came to playoffs this year, doing an electric basketball. They would be the second on this list to win the East if it were not for Durant's injury. We will see how it recovers, but the picture looks very good. As far as Irving is concerned, you know what I think about his head, but that does not take away all the quality he has. Like all of his ex-partners, he has to make up this year. He already reigned once the NBA, although being a prince. Now it's your turn to be King.

There are other teams that can give the surprise. The Pacers will be again the wildcar with the recovery of Oladipo as the highest priority. Y Butler in Miami will want to mess it up. I said, the most exciting season of recent years.

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