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The Roman emperor is known for the macabre description that history gave of him. People say that filled Rome with blood. The sources that exist about his reign describe a tyrannical and insane emperor, talk about your extreme cruelty and his sexual perversity. Actually, who was Caligula? In Super Curioso we will tell you the most important points of his life and some of the most interesting curiosities of this.

Who was Caligula: discover his life and curiosities

1. Who was Caligula? Short biography

Caligula was born on August 31 of the year 12. His father was Germanic, and was not any man but one of the most important generals in the history of the Roman Empire. His mother was Agrippina the Elder, also one of the most important women in Rome.

Caligula being a child, he accompanied his father to military expeditions in Germania and Syria. Germanicus was adopted son of Tiberius, the emperor that preceded Caligula. For this powerful closeness is that Emperor Tiberius decides that the Roman Empire must remain in the hands of his grandchildren: Caligula and Twin Tiberius.

Those who had to share power with Caligula or came into conflict with it, in this "early stage" of his life, died in strange circumstances. This was the case of his uncles, and also of Twin Tiberius. The fact that history is acceptable is acceptable. Caligula got rid of Twin, and thus left power only for him. Here I was only 25 years old.

The initial period of Caligula's reign was marked by good administration and even by the prosperity of the Empire. But just after suffering an illness, his reign changed. There were several errors in the administration that led to famine for Rome. Instead of entering into an austerity regime, it began to uncover who Caligula was, as he carried out urban and public reforms that emptied the treasure of the empire, also, He began to ask the people for money.

Germanicus and Agrippina by Peter Paul Rubens.
Germanicus and Agrippina by Peter Paul Rubens.

In his reign he did not stop the expansion and conquest of the Roman Empire. He began to have out-of-the-ordinary and somewhat extravagant ideas: he proposed his horse for political office (being his consul and a priest), asking the Senators to kiss his feet or fight with gladiators. Even, it is said that once the food was missing in the Roman Circus, and Caligula ordered to bring prisoners from the prisons to throw them to the beasts.

Who was Caligula? The emperor who diagnosed himself with “adiatrepsy" According to him, it was the impudence of being able to forcefully impose even the wildest of his desires. Caligula only reigned for four years.

Some historians affirm that in their last years of life exploded incest scandals involving him and his sisters. It seems that this was due to the tradition of the Egyptian Empire, which Caligula admired, where taking the sisters as wives and lovers was at some time customary. The point is that one of the many conspiracies for power that occurred in the Roman Empire, ended his life on January 24 of the year 41. He died at age 29, because of the dagger that Casio Quereas sank into the body of the Roman emperor.

After this, the conspirators themselves killed Caligula's wife and daughter, also cruelly (apparently they were not so different from Caligula). His wife was stabbed and her daughter's head exploded against a wall.

Who was Caligula? After all, one of the most eccentric Tyrants of the Roman Empire.

2. Curiosities of Caligula

On the left a bust of Caligula. On the right, the Game of Thrones character, Joffrey Baratheon.

one. Did you know there is a deep resemblance (physical and psychological) between Caligula and the character of Joffrey Baratheon, the despot king son of Cersei in the well-known series Game of Thrones?

two. His birth name is not Caligula but Cayo Julio César Germánico.

3. Caligula is an affectionate nickname that was given to the emperor, this meant "booties" It emerged from the dates in his childhood when he accompanied his Father to military expeditions in Germania, there he put on his caligas (name given to the leather shoes worn by the Roman legionaries).

4. It is said that Querea asked to give Caligula the first stab, driven by her rancor against the nicknames and teasing that the emperor had made.

5. It is said that the emperor spoke at night with the Moon.

6. His horse was called Incitatus. It is said that this was the only being in whom he sought comfort at the death of his Germanic father in Syria.

7. When Caligula died, the people were not convinced of death of the emperor; they believed that it was simply a fiction that he himself had mounted within his dementia and eccentricity.

8. Who was Caligula? The emperor who He toured places dressed as God, calling himself Hercules, Apollo, Jupiter, among other deities.

9. There is no tomb of Caligula. The urn with its ashes was in the Mausoleum of Augustus until the year 410. Later, one of the looting of the city caused the ashes to be lost forever.

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