Where to buy your next motorcycle in Mexico


Where to buy motorcycles in Mexico

Depending on the use we have planned for our future motorcycle, we will choose the most suitable model. For urban use there are light and economical models that can be very useful. For long trips or tourism road models are heavier, heavier and safer.

The second decision that should be made is whether the motorcycle to be purchased will be new or second-hand. The purchase channels will be different in each case.

New motorcycle

If our decision has been to acquire a new model, we must go to the official distributors of the brand. In these authorized establishments, the purchase and sale of vehicles from the factory are carried out. They usually have official technical services and sometimes they have financial services for financing the purchase.

Its staff is properly trained to advise the client on the current range of vehicles. The most suitable model for the use of each case, the performance and equipment of each motorcycle, etc.

Second hand motorcycle

In the event that we choose to buy a second-hand motorcycle it will be necessary to use the different channels that buy and sell. If we know the old owner and, it is reliable, we can get a rough idea of ​​the history and condition of the vehicle.

In addition, we can access prestigious motorcycle sales sites where individuals advertise their motorcycles. We will always have at our disposal a wide range of shopping possibilities.

Purchase Information

In any case, prior to the purchase of the motorcycle, we must collect as much information as possible to get the right type of motorcycle, make and model.

A highly recommended source of information is the journals and specialized publications of the sector. In these journals, monographic, comparative reports, user experiences, etc. are published. which can be quite useful for our decision.

On the Internet there are communities of owners by brands and models. Discussion forums, websites, Facebook groups, Twitter, etc. They are sites that allow access to user opinions, ask questions, start discussions, etc.

And, of course, check the website of the manufacturer of the candidate models. There we can have access to the characteristics sheet of their vehicles, prices, etc.

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