Where to Buy Typical Sweets of Puebla in Mexico City


Where to Buy Typical Sweets of Puebla in Mexico City

Flavors and Colors of Puebla

Who has not fallen in love with the city of Puebla through its colors and flavors? Those who see and feel each step that is taken and that fall in love not only the soul, but also the heart.

Flavors and Colors that have made Puebla one of the most famous cities in Mexico in terms of delicious cuisine, which ranges from those seasonal dishes such as Los Chiles en Nogada, to those that can be enjoyed at any time of year such as Las Cemitas, Las Chalupas, El Mole Poblano, and many others.

The Delicious Typical Sweets of Puebla

And there are also typical sweets from Puebla that are only made during certain seasons, such as the Molletes Poblanos, a sweet created to accompany the traditional Chiles en Nogada and that can only be found between the months of July and August as well as the real Chiles in Nogada.

Other typical Puebla sweets can be found literally at any time of the year and in any corner of the Historic Center of Puebla, many of them not only known nationally, but thanks to their flavor and freshness have transcended borders such as Camotes de Puebla or The Pancakes of Santa Clara, without forgetting ham, Sunday, and the muéganos, among many others.

Where to Buy Typical Sweets of Puebla in Mexico City?

Santa Clara Pancakes Typical Sweets from Puebla

It is precisely thanks to this well-earned fame that many people either do not want to wait to visit the city of Puebla to taste them or urgently need them to give a beautiful present, for a party or for any other event without leaving Mexico City.

That is why we took on the task of investigating the places where you can buy Typical Sweets of Puebla in Mexico City, and that in turn are of quality and freshness, so if you want to know where they sell them, all you have to do is leave a message in the comments section and we will gladly provide you with all the information about it.

Come and discover the Colors and Flavors of Puebla in Mexico City! They go and love you.

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