Where to buy Siberian husky puppies


On this page we are supporters of adoption, but we are in favor of buying dogs provided it is done responsibly.

That is why this time we are going to explain where to buy Siberian puppy husky and especially what factors to take into account to make the purchase with guarantees.

Sirokami, a hatchery that we can take as a model

When we are going to buy a Siberian husky puppy, the first thing we have to do is run away like the plague of the classic sale pages, like Milanuncios and the like.

In these pages we will find litters reared in any way, without taking into account the welfare of the parents, the health of the same and of the puppies, without the adequate sanitary conditions and without any type of guarantee.

buy husky puppy with certificates

Hence, if we want a puppy of any race you have to go to a specialized breeder, like Sirokami.

In this hatchery the puppy that we take home comes from an affix registered in the RSCE, which makes the puppy have a pedigree registered in the LOE, a pedigree in which they are champions of the breed.

Let's explain the acronyms a little

If you are looking for a husky puppy it is likely that all the acronyms, and some names that we have seen before, sound like Chinese to you, so let's explain what they mean.

The affix is ​​the name of the hatchery, a name that is inscribed in the RSCE, which is the Royal Spanish Canine Society, the official body that regulates aspects of breeding, which is responsible for exhibitions, etc.

The pedigree is the record with the ancestors of our husky puppy, so that when we take a puppy of Sirokami we will know who were all his ancestors. This allows us to have a knowledge of how our puppy is going to be and of the prizes that their ancestors won in the exhibitions.

We have the abbreviations LOE, which means Libro de Origen Spanish, a book where breeders who do things well inscribe litters. This allows our dog to have an identification number and official pedigree, something that will allow you to attend dog shows.

Sirokami gives you your Siberian husky with all health certificates

When you buy a breed puppy it is important that you get the official pedigree, but it is even more important that they give you animal health certificates.

adult husky

These certificates are only given to you by professional breeders and they assure you that the dog is healthy and has no hereditary diseases of the breed.

In the case of the husky these hereditary diseases have to do with the eyes and with the hip. For the eyes, this hatchery gives you the ECVO certificate, a certificate at European level that assures us that our puppy will not have hereditary eye diseases.

On the hip side, the AVEPA certificate tells us that our dog will not have dysplasia, a certificate for which an X-ray is made of the hip to the animal. In addition, the certificate has a greater validity if we take into account that AVEPA is an association that is endorsed by the RSCE.

DNA test that certifies the purity of the race

As you can see, this farm gives their dogs all the guarantees, something that all breeders should do, but unfortunately they do not.

purebred siberian husky

In addition to all the tests we've seen before, lHusky puppies are also given a DNA test.

This DNA test certifies that the husky they are giving you is purebred, which added to the pedigree and the inscription of the puppy in the LOE make that when you buy a dog you go home with the assurance that you take a puppy of husky.

They give you a purchase contract

Finally, tell you that in this hatchery things are done well, as dictated by law. That is why the purchase of the puppy is delivered a signed purchase contract, with all the legal guarantees that are required in Spain when we buy an animal.

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