Where can I buy a mobile battery?


If you don't break your mobile screen before because you are very careful, surely the first thing that starts to fail you is the Cell phone battery.

After the screen breaks, the batteries are other components of a mobile that more headaches usually give.

And I tell you, I gave myself a header to find a place to buy a certain type of battery for LG and fix my old Nexus 5x.

Usually, a cell phone battery usually fails over time, in which we check how its load capacity decreases.

We could blame this ruling on the one named «Programmed obsolescence»I don't know, but the truth is that they fail over time.

What is planned obsolescence?

For some it is a myth, for others a legend, and for many something proven and confirmed.

It is said that Obsolescence programmed in a technological device is the lifetime of said device.

In other words, that our mobiles and technological devices are programmed so that after some time they start to fail.

In this way, we are forced to look for replacements or simply change our device for a new one.

Why change the mobile battery?

In many cases we can find ourselves in the situation that our battery starts to fail.

In most cases they are devices with many years of use and therefore or without guarantee in force.

It is also possible that the battery failure is motivated by our error or misuse.

For example, and it is an action that many perform, charge your phone with a charger that is not yours.

Using the correct charger for each mobile is essential for the life of the battery.

In the event that your mobile battery starts to fail and the warranty has expired or does not cover it, the only solution is to change the battery.

That, or buy a new mobile with the expense that that means for our pocket.

Change the battery of a mobile When this fault is the most common procedure.

Although that is not an easy or simple process, rather something delicate that requires some skill and patience.

Today we can find many online stores where we can buy cell phone batteries.

In addition, in almost 24 hours we can have them at home and in some cases, with instruments for their gift replacement.

If you are not a «Handyman», you can always turn to the famous Chinese phone shops, that is up to you.

But it never hurts to try it for yourself by following some of the manuals that you can find on YouTube.

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