when you run to the rhythm of your emotions


What does it mean to feel? Why is it that some people be able to express emotions in any act of life? And yet others … Do not be so capable or keep them inside. Throughout the article we will explain what it means this innovative sports modality within the predominantly aerobic activity, the race, which has evolved to a superior concept: Runfulness. Do you dare to practice it?

The basis of runfulness: mind-body relationship

Until relatively recently, the training of the human body had not been 100% equitable with the ‘processor and nerve impulse emitter’ that orders the actions to be processed: the brain. Parallel to that body, there is an ‘entity’ of which we know very little, and of enormous importance not only in the human being, but also in its interaction with the environment: the mind. Sometimes professional coaches forget that if this subject is not in an emotionally optimal state, the behavior exerted in the training will be affected both negatively and positively.

Walden method, mindfulness-based running

More and more people support the philosophy of mindfulness as a perfect complement to the perfect one. Quickly from this philosophy derives another, known as the Walden method. It is based on the writings of the American philosopher Henry D. Thoreau. Through his work Walden (The life of the forests) and, through these writings, Pilar Amián, Law Degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid, founded the Walden Method.

Your creator expresses the need to run, something that many people find a cyclical, boring and dynamic activity As for unexpected stimuli. To turn it into a feedback process between the mind and the executing machine.

A perfect symbiosis that will not only make us Enjoy the race. Also to create a positive transfer to the rest of aspects of our life, because running is freedom, running vigorously is undertaking difficult everyday situations, and, even, to run with a bodily expression of dominating oneself, means: to achieve any objective we set ourselves.

What is runfulness? What are your key points?

Very simple: find, look for passion … The passion it is everything, since, When we are passionate about something, we carry it out at 200%. We must find ourselves to enjoy all the benefits of running, perhaps many aspects that you do not like in front of your personality. But immobility does not lead to change, and change is progress. In this aspect factors come into play such as the balance of neurotransmitters in our brain, hence certain people are more euphoric and others more depressive. But … Can this be controlled? Of course.

All activity must be structure, we will explain the basic patterns of runfulness, and, that in this way you can carry it out enjoying its characteristics:

  • Breathing: It is based on an infraumbilical respiratory system, making a mixture of oriental and western techniques to create this running modality.
  • Mindfulness: this technique is based on live the present situations without letting ourselves be consumed by the frantic life of today, and in this way, focus on the "I" and what surrounds us in a positive way. It is, therefore, one of the best sports to combat stress and anxiety.
  • Harmony: Through western proprioception techniques, of conception of the subject in space through imbalances and changes from static to dynamic.
  • The Walden technique: Awaken the ‘spirit’ and ‘opening your eyes’ creating a fun and motivating activity in the corridors, forgetting how expensive it is for many people to run for a run and the metabolic expense that it entails.
  • The visualizations: the most important of all, create in our mind through imagination a ‘movie’ a soundtrack, what motivates us to do something, breaking barriers established by ourselves.
  • Music: Without a doubt, one of the best tricks to motivate you to go jogging. Once our mental mental film ’and the creation of the movement have been created, let's support it with songs that bring to light our feelings and emotions. Freeing ourselves from everything that obscures us, and, therefore, being reborn with our authentic and positive emotions and feelings.

We think that we can catalog everything scientifically, there are more and more scientific studies without total validity. And, months later, others that prove otherwise come to light. All this in the physical aspect, if we include the mind, an "entity" that we still do not know, imagine how much we have left to investigate, to understand how it is possible for a person guided by their emotions to be unstoppable. And, others, are unable to get up from the couch because they have opposite emotions …

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