What to see in Pamplona in one day. A walk through the capital of Navarra


Visit Pamplona in one day It is perfectly possible because all the points of interest of this beautiful city are very close and walking you can reach virtually all places.

Pamplona It is also a perfect place to stay and visit the rest of Navarra since it is very close to almost all the points of interest it offers and a great hotel offer.

Here we tell you the best what to see in Pamplona in one day, with an affordable tour to all people and with which you will not miss anything.

What to see in Pamplona in one day

Castle Square

The beginning of our tour of Pamplona can be the beautiful Castle plaza, the nerve center of the Old Town of Pamplona. There is also an underground parking where you can leave the car if you go in this means of transport.

Around the Plaza del Castillo we find different bars and restaurants, whose terraces enliven this area of ​​downtown Pamplona.

Among the buildings that we can highlight of the Plaza del Castillo stand out the Navarra Palace, the Main Theater and the Hotel La Perla. It also highlights the kiosk in the center of the square.

The enclosures and the Bulwarks, hallmarks of Pamplona

Pamplona - Monument to the EncierroFrom there we can walk along Avenida de Carlos III, one of the most commercial streets of the city, to the Monument to the Encierro, formed by 19 figures and representing one of the hallmarks of the city.

The Bullring It would be our next destination, located a few meters away and where the bust of Hemingway is located, the great writer who made the Sanfermines known throughout the world.

Next door is the Interpretation Center of the Fortifications of Pamplona, which are another hallmark of the city built to defend the city for centuries. From there we walk along the Baluarte de Labrit and the Balauarte de Guadalupe until we reach the Mirador del Caballo Blanco, from where we have a beautiful view of the Arga River and even the mountains near Pamplona.

Santa Maria Cathedral

Now it is time to enter the Old Town again to reach one of the main places to see in Pamplona in one day, the Santa Maria Cathedral, built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries and from which we can enjoy a great neoclassical facade. The pity is that you can not admire from afar as in other cathedrals since it is tucked between streets.

Visit inside the Pamplona Cathedral It is also mandatory as it is the most important Gothic complex in Navarra and one of the best in Spain.

From it we must highlight the wonderful Gothic cloister and the dependencies that surround it such as the Barbazana Chapel, the Chapter Hall or the kitchen.

The Old Town of Pamplona

After visiting the Cathedral of Santa María we descend until we reach the Estafeta Street, famous for the Sanfermines confinements and the Mercaderes Street, where the bulls also run. The Pamplona City Hall building will surprise us thanks to its fantastic baroque facade. It celebrates the chupinazo that begins the famous parties.

Leaving aside town hall we find a steep slope, the Santo Domingo Street, the first street that the bulls in the Sanfermines run and that takes you to the Navarra Museum, the main museum of the city, located in an old hospital and where we find different works that review the history of Navarra, with works from the Paleolithic, from the Roman era, from the Islamic era and with paintings even by Francisco of Goya.

After the visit to the Museum of Navarra, essential to visit Pamplona in one day, we retrace our steps on the way to the Plaza del Castillo but first visiting the Church of San Saturnino Gothic style and fortress appearance thanks to its two towers.

Once in the Plaza del Castillo, we will continue walking through the Old Town along the St. Nicholas Street, where we find numerous bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the famous Pamplona pintxos and the typical architecture of the Old Town of the city.

In this street there is also another famous church to visit in Pamplona in one day, the St. Nicholas Church, from the 12th century and also with the appearance of defensive strength. Inside is the oldest organ of Pamplona while its exterior highlights its large tower and its clock.

We continue through the Old Town, this time in the direction of the St. Francis of Assisi Square, where we find new points of interest such as the Public Library, in the Building of La Agrícola and the Monument to San Francisco de Asís, which pacified the city in 1213.

Walking outside the Old Town

We continue walking and, leaving the Old Town, we reach the Taconera Gardens, the oldest in Pamplona, ​​one of the busiest and also the quietest. It dates from the 19th century and in them we can admire remains of the old wall.

In the Jardines de la Taconera we find several very interesting monuments such as the Statue of Julián Gayarre, the Mariblanca Monument or the Portal of San Nicolás, one of the entrance gates to the park, where we also find the Gonzaga Bastion.

Very close to the Taconera Gardens we find the Citadel of Pamplona, of pentagonal plant and Renaissance style.

But if you want to visit a very special park in Pamplona we recommend you go to the Yamaguchi Park, about 30 minutes walk although you can also go by bus. It is a Japanese-style garden that will surprise you and where the Pamplona Planetarium, whose attendance at one of its projections is also highly recommended.

If you go to this area, and you have time, you could visit the University of Navarra Museum, specialized in contemporary art and whose building is the work of Rafael Moneo. In it we can find works by Picasso or Kandinsky.

You can find more information about what to see in Pamplona in one day on the official tourism website of Navarra.

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