What to keep in mind if you are going to give a perfume?


Perfumes are historically one of the most important beauty accessories. Therefore, giving one can be a great gesture, whatever the occasion. For this, it will be useful to know some information that will help you choose the indicated perfume.

There are many special occasions to make a gift, it can be a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, whatever the time, you will want the gift to be special.

One of the most infallible gifts – in any case – are perfumes. And although it is a great gesture, it may be difficult for you to find one for the person you are thinking about. If it is the case, there are some things that you have to take into account and that will facilitate the task.

How to choose a perfume?

The truth is there are perfumes for each type of skin, and this is because each of them has a special combination of fragrances and ingredients. At the same time, there are perfumes for the different seasons, since they are more in line with the intensity of their aroma, their persistence or the aroma note. For these reasons, choosing a perfume to give as a gift can be a bit difficult. Even so, there is nothing to worry about.

One of the things to keep in mind when we choose a perfume, is the fact that the aroma that we feel the first minutes it will not be the same as the one that persists after. This happens because each scent must settle on the skin, and this takes some time.

On the other hand, when it comes to giving a perfume you want to take into account the taste of the person and his personality, since a perfume is, often, an extension of it. Like the clothes we wear, the scent we choose to wear on our skin has a lot to do with ourselves.

Types of aroma there are many, for happy people or that are in constant movement, the fruit and fresh perfumes they will be the most indicated. The notes fine and floral They will accompany a romantic or quiet person better.

In flirty or colorful people, a sweet and warm aroma, like cinnamon or chocolate, will be the right one. The Calvin Klein perfume selection has a wide variety of aromas so you can choose the right one. "Women" is one of its novelties, with sweet notes; With a similar essence, you can choose "Euphoria". On the other hand, if you are looking for something different, the "Be" for men, of the selection, is one of the most required.

The types of perfume

You may have seen many different legends in the perfume bottles, and you did not know very well what they were referring to.

The "Splash"For example, it is a soft one, since it has 1% concentrate. The "Eau de cologne" or water of colony possesses between 3 and 6% of concentrate, with citrus aromas as predominant in its essence.

The "Eau de toilette" or bath water is a little stronger, having between 7 and 15% concentration. Similar to this, the "Eau de perfume" It has a concentration of 15%.

Finally, the fragrance in itself it is the most intense of all, since it has between 15 and 40% aromatic concentration. These will be more suitable for winter, while for the summer the best ones will be fresh aromas and citrus fruits.

What are the notes?

It is called "perfume notes" to what distinguishes a particular perfume. It is the combination of the aromas, their composition and balance.

There are three types:

  • Background notes: these are the base notes, that is, where the other aromas settle. It is the aroma that we have the hardest time identifying, but it is the one that keeps the whole combination and the one that lasts the longest in the skin, reaching in some cases eight hours.
  • Heart notes: calls also "middle notes", these are less intense than the background ones, and can be perceived after the first thirty minutes after the application.
  • Release notes: these are the lightest and those that first stop feeling, since at thirty minutes they get to volatilize. They are the notes that we first noticed when applying a perfume of test, to let the heart and the background feel afterwards.

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