What is it and what are the benefits of earthworm humus? | Orchard at home


The earthworm humus It is an organic and ecological fertilizer, 100% natural. It is obtained as a result of the transformation, by the Earthworms Rojas de California, compost from natural manure already fermented several times.

Thanks to faeces the humus has much more assimilable nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium than the earth that has not been worked by the earthworms. It is a good choice for urban gardens and all types of plants and their use in gardens.

Benefits of earthworm humus

  • Protects the crop, increasing the resistance to pests and diseases. It protects the plants from the attack of fungi and bacteria.
  • Improves the taste of the fruits. By using humus as fertilizer in our crops, we obtain superior quality foods with more nutritional value.
  • Increases nutrient uptake and water retention capacity. It promotes the assimilation of nutrients.
  • Improve the germination capacity of the seeds.
  • Reduces erosion and improves soil management.
  • If it is incorporated during the transplant, it reduces post-transplant trauma of the crops.
  • Increase the beneficial microbial flora.

How to apply it?

Solid humus should be applied Incorporating it directly into the ground, or mixing it with the existing substrate. If we are in a dry season it is recommended to water after applying it. If we choose to use liquid humus, it can be applied directly with the irrigation once diluted in water (4 L of product per 100 of water).


These are the general dosage recommendations for solid earthworm humus.

  • Fruit trees of bone and nugget. Adults: from 3 to 6 Kg. Per tree. New planting: 1 to 2 Kg.
  • Grass and meadows Plantation: 3 to 5 kg. / m2. Maintenance: 200 to 400 gr. per year, divided into 2 times.
  • Horticultural Depending on the varieties (Solanaceae in general are more demanding), to all land 1 kg. / m2 approximately.
  • Flowers and ornamentals. Roses, carnations, geraniums, etc. at a rate of 400 to 500 gr. / m2.

Regarding liquid humus, it is recommended to apply between 75 and 120 L / Ha, depending on the crop.

There is no agricultural crop in which the use of earthworm humus contraindicated Overdosing in practice is almost impossible.

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