What is Eyebrow Microblading? • Small tattoos


There is a kind of small temporary tattoosIn fact, very small, so much that we can call them micro, which try to mimic the nature of eyebrow hairs and that are done hair by hair to fill in that part of the eyebrow that has lost density due to certain causes. These semi-permanent tattoos are called eyebrow microblading and it is a very fashionable beauty treatment today, especially since the thick and marked eyebrows are worn and eyebrow makeup has become a trend. Now we are going to tell you what is eyebrow microblading, how it differs from eyebrow micropigmentation, what is the process performed to carry them out and some examples.

What is it?

As we mentioned, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique where each eyebrow hair is tattooed on the epidermis, that's why it's temporary, for modify its shape, density and color. Normally, with age, eyebrow hair is lost, as well as because of treatments such as chemotherapy and many people perform microblading to improve the appearance of your eyebrows and make them more attractive and fashionable. There are other types of people who simply want to camouflage scars, correct asymmetries or modify the shape and density of their eyebrows to enhance them and that are in line with current makeup trends and according to the current beauty canon, where defined eyebrows and imposing are considered attractive.

What is the difference between microblading and eyebrow micropigmentation?

Perhaps you have seen the two terms and you can confuse them. The main difference is that in the Micropigmentation of eyebrows is implanted ink drawing of each hair in the dermistherefore it is like a conventional tattoo and lasts longer, but also greater swelling occurs and it takes longer to heal. In microblading, the ink is implanted in the epidermis, the upper part, so it lasts between one or two years and this healing process does not have to occur, so it is a less traumatic process than micropigmentation, it is more economical and It is reversible.

How is eyebrow microblading performed?

Microblading eyebrows process

When you go to an aesthetic clinic or a center specialized in microblading, you have to make sure that the technician who does it is an experienced specialist. In Madrid, for example, you can count on Katherine Valencia, from the center MicroStetic, who is a great professional and who is also a trainer. So, first you will have to perform the drawing of the eyebrows, taking into account the proportion with the face, both its size and shape, as well as that of the eyes, by the golden ratio. Then, it will start the process of draw hair by hair with a pen provided with needles for microblading, which have to be very specific. That needle is dipped in an ink or a special pigment for microblading, which will have to be identical to the hair of your eyebrows so that the result is natural and the touch-up is barely noticeable. When the needle is wet in the pigment, it they will make small micro cuts in the skin to introduce the pigment into the skin, but don't worry, it's just annoying and perfectly bearable. The procedure of «tattooing» hair by hair will be followed until the shape of the eyebrow and its filling are finished, normally it takes about 45 minutes. Sometimes it will be necessary to perform a touch up.

The before and after eyebrow microblading

Now that you know what is microblading and how is the process that the technician carries out, we want to show you some examples of the before and after carried out in the center MicroStetic from Madrid because they are really well done procedures and where the result is natural, but significant.

We hope that this aesthetic procedure has become clear to you and that, if you need it, you can use it to look more handsome and beautiful and feel more secure with yourself.

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