What is Chronic Depression? (Symptoms, Causes and Treatment)


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People almost never know when they are going through a depression, but nowadays it is so easy to fall into a depressive state and it has become so common that it almost looks like something "normal."

But … Did you know that there are different degrees of depression? And that, can depression become chronic? That is, the ugly thing is that, in general, patients do not realize when it begins and how they are entering deeper and deeper depression.

Therefore, we consider it important to talk about the issue and help many people who may feel they are in depression, but they have doubts, do not stop reading the full article, because we are sure it will be of great help.

Symptoms of Chronic Depression

Chronic Depression
Chronic Depression

Chronic depression is known as Dysthymia, and it happens or is diagnosed when it has remained in depression for more than two years, where there have been episodes of high-ranking depression.

Apparently it is a problem that stands out in a specific group of people, where the vast majority are adults.

According to specialists, dysthymia is what was previously known as neurotic depression, and is endowed with certain characteristics, such as chronic depression, in it, the symptoms are mild.

The intensity of the symptoms may vary over the years, however, one of the main characteristics is that the symptoms remain for up to two months each time there is a crisis.

It is even possible that patients with chronic depression may have episodes of major depression just when they are in their depressive disorder or sooner and this is what specialists call "double depression."

Among the most common symptoms of dysthymia are:

  1. Vacuum sensation
  2. Sadness
  3. Little interest in daily activities
  4. Lack of energy
  5. Fatigue
  6. Feeling of worthlessness
  7. Low selfsteem
  8. Productivity, activity and efficiency in everything you do is considerably diminished
  9. Isolation
  10. Concerns that usually have to do with the past
  11. Inapetence
  12. Weightloss
  13. Insomnia or difficulty falling asleep

The nature of this disorder is not easy for patients who suffer from it, it is necessary to take action with professional psychological help and even with a psychiatrist when it is necessary to indicate medications.

What are the Causes of Chronic Depression?

Medical science has not yet been able to define 100% the causes of dysthymia (chronic depression), and that is why they can be diverse, only a clinical study of the patient can determine the cause of chronic depression in each patient.

Some of the causes of chronic depression are:

  • Severe trauma regardless of age that occurs
  • Labor problems
  • Sentimental problems
  • Conflict of interests
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Introversion
  • Too many stress peaks
  • Heritage

Even specialists agree that, a person can have the disease for a long time and not have alarming symptoms or too noticeable to know, but that as soon as a particular event occurs, it is possible that it can be triggered.

How to Cure Chronic Depression?

The treatment of dysthymia or chronic depression is based on talk therapy or psychotherapy, of course by adding some medications that are usually anxiolytic and / or antidepressant.

A professional can guide you correctly on how to act in front of your fears, your worries, your sorrows, holding it by the hand so that you can overcome this disease.

If it is not treated, it can become a major depression, and this can affect not only mentally but also organically, it is when a disease that starts at a psychological level becomes a psychosomatic evil.

And then face other stronger disorders that would affect your whole life, for example:

  • Different mood disorders
  • Low quality of life
  • Toxic substance use
  • Chronic malaise
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Personality disorders
  • Family and personal relationships difficult to cope with

Chronic Depression Natural Treatments

We have commented that when a person is going through a chronic depression, it is necessary that he be put into treatment, we know that conventional medicines when taken in a prolonged way, can then cause secondary problems.

Therefore, we want to recommend some natural treatments for chronic depression, which may be as effective as conventional medicine, but with the advantage that you would not have undesirable side effects.

If you think you are going through a depression or have a family member who is going through that, try these natural treatments and you will notice the difference in a short time.

The intention is that you have positive results, that you ingest natural things and that they do not give you side effects, in addition, they give you back the desire to live when you feel the renewed energy.


Scientific studies have shown that saffron is super effective in getting rid of chronic depression, because it raises serotonin levels, as well as other substances that are in the brain and that are critical for decreasing its symptoms.


Adding oatmeal to all possible foods is a natural way to reduce the symptoms of chronic depression, as it contains lecithin, B complex, enzymes, minerals, trace elements, and alkaloids that exert direct action on the nervous system.

In addition to this, it produces serotonin thanks to a key compound tryptophan, you will recover your mood.


Lavender herb contains a large concentration of volatile oils, that is, the fragrances that lavender herbs give off, when inhaled, serve to relieve mild anxieties and therefore are believed to be effective in relieving depression.


With sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant properties, when there are symptoms of insomnia is one of the best recommendations, remember that insomnia is one of the symptoms of chronic depression.

And of course it is important that the person calms the anxiety or stress he is going through, so we have this remedy indirectly attack depression, relieving symptoms that are characteristic of it.

In addition to these natural treatments, it is also important that you exercise or some activity that can distract the mind from those negative thoughts you have when you have chronic depression or dysthymia.

A meditation therapy is also highly recommended, everything that can make the mind is not always thinking the same things that cause negative feelings in life.

What is Chronic Depression? (Symptoms, Causes and Treatment)

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