What is Bipolarity in People?


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Although at present it is a well-known term, it is important to know in depth this disorder of the mind, since, in the vast majority of cases, we only know it superficially.

It is common to think or even to say that someone is bipolar, when they change from one state of mind to another quickly, which is not always a symptom or sign of the pathology, although it is very similar.

Therefore, we consider that it is important to know this disorder more thoroughly, because we could even suddenly be suffering from this disease and not knowing it or not wanting to realize it.

What Does Bipolarity Mean?

What is Bipolarity in People
What is Bipolarity in People

People talk about bipolarity when a person has very extreme changes in their mood, at times they feel sad and depressed, which alternates with very effusive, happy moods or they could also be irritable for anything or for nothing.

Basically this is the main and most marked characteristic of bipolarity in people, men and women can suffer this type of disease equally.

So, if you are suddenly noticing that you have moods that range from depression to irritation, you may not have noticed that you are suffering from bipolarity.

Moods usually last about a week and then change without warning, but cause problems in daily life, as it does not allow them to have concentration to perform their daily activities, such as sleeping peacefully, for example.

The disease is cataloged as serious, in previous years it was known as manic illness or manic depression, it is when your mood is through the roof, feeling a lot of energy, happy, active, and when you are with the spirit below reaching depression , it is known as a depressive episode.

What Causes Bipolarity?

What is certain is that this disorder of the mind begins at the age of adolescence or just past this stage, however, children and older adults are not exempt.

Science has not yet discovered what is causing this disorder, but it is said that there are a number of things that can trigger it, two are the most important factors:


A determining factor may be genetics, but it is important and necessary that you know that not because a person in the family suffers from bipolar disorder, the other members will suffer it.

Brain structure

The other factor has to do with the brain function of the person who is suffering from the disorder, they are still doing scientific tests and many things have been discovered, but it has not yet been possible to find a cure as such.

However, they are helping to develop more accurate treatments against bipolarity and certainly expect a day to even be able to predict when a person will have this behavior.

Symptoms of Bipolarity

Within the symptoms of bipolarity, we have to conjugate with changes in behavior that are unusual, we talk explicitly about the state of mind, that is, when changes of mood are present, changes in the most normal habits can also be present. sleeping, daily activity, the way of behaving and even extreme changes in the way of thinking.

The beings that have bipolarity, can enter depressed moods, but also manic states and even a mixture of both at the same time, what is known as a mixed episode.

When people are in some phases of bipolarity, the symptoms they present are felt daily and usually remain so throughout the day.

There is a great intensity in episodes of bipolarity, the feeling of people is very strong and is accompanied by changes in behavior, as well as in energy levels.

When a bipolar person is in a depressed state the symptoms are:

  • Sadness
  • Constant drowsiness or quite the contrary
  • They can not and do not want to enjoy anything
  • They have feelings of emptiness
  • They can not concentrate
  • They forget things
  • They have a lot of appetite or lack of appetite
  • They feel tired with lack of energy
  • They have a hard time sleeping
  • They have suicidal thoughts or think a lot about death

When a person is in a manic state the symptoms are:

  • You feel very energetic
  • They look and feel happy
  • They may have periods of nervousness
  • They speak fast and many things
  • They can look irritable or sensitive
  • They feel they are thinking too fast
  • They feel and think that they can do many things at the same time
  • They put themselves in danger, they risk, for example, they can be compulsive buyers or have sex with anyone without taking care

How to treat Bipolarity?

Unfortunately there is no cure yet for bipolar disorder, but there is treatment that can be very helpful in controlling the condition, of course, it needs to be carried out consecutively without interruption is the best way to work better and really help a bipolar patient.

The main objectives of the treatment of bipolarity are:

  1. Help to make episodes less intense and frequent
  2. Make the person feel good within their areas of life (work, home, etc.)
  3. Prevent you from hurting yourself and others, preventing suicidal thoughts or suicide


For bipolar disorder the use of medications is crucial, since they help to stabilize the mood of the person, thus, the ups and downs in the same, are reduced and keep it at an optimum level of energy.

The medications will help you feel much better, they often intend to stop medications, especially when they cause side effects, but it is very important that you do not stop taking them.

If there are side effects that you see you can not tolerate, talk with your doctor. You may have other options for your case.

You have to understand that each person is different and reacts differently to treatments, so it is very necessary to go to the doctor to see what treatment is most helpful to their personal interests.


Dialogue therapies can greatly help people with bipolar disorder, can change their behavior and learn to manage their lives better, can help them lead a better family relationship, and in general to better manage interpersonal relationships.

Electroconvulsive therapies

For those people that medications or psychotherapy had a positive effect, there is this type of treatment that corrects directly in the brain any problem that exists, it is also known as shock therapy.

It is very important that when you see that you have any of the symptoms we mentioned, go to your family doctor immediately, he will channel it with the right people to treat that problem correctly, the important thing is not to let time pass, living with bipolarity It is not quality life.

What is Bipolarity in People?

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