What is a sustainable house?


sustainable house

Containers with Ecological Decoration Converted into Housing Did you know that building a sustainable house saves 80 times

This concept has been handled by various sectors and each of them affects a different aspect.

Some systems set the basis of the definition in the reduction of the energy consumed, others focus on the use of natural materials, others on the fact of adapting the constructions to the land and its characteristics and some on the attempt to homogenize the buildings to optimize The urban complex.

In this article we will stay with the definition that is set in the reduction of consumed energy and in the use of ecological materials.

Why should you have sustainable housing?

In these times it is necessary to adapt to new technologies and take advantage of all the good things they can bring us.

In this sense, new advances can greatly help us to carry out sustainable construction.

It is very interesting to keep this in mind and whether you build your home from scratch or if you are thinking of making a reform You must take this aspect into account: its efficiency and sustainability.

How to build a sustainable house?

We can always improve the efficiency of our house and the key is in the design. To improve the sustainability of your home and update your home to new times you should look at several aspects:

Good insulation

Insulation is the basis for your home to be sustainable. You should not neglect this aspect of your home if you want to save on your energy consumption and your bill.

Therefore it is essential to take good care of construction materials and opt for those that are not harmful to the environment or your health, choose ecological materials.

We will look at the type of windows we use and the materials of the floors and walls, always in relation to the climate of the place where we have the house. If you live in Galicia you will have to take into account humidity and rain

Pay special attention to isolation if you live in the north of the peninsula!

Sustainable appliances

A more efficient design involves appliances and furniture with sustainable materials.

When you decide to modernize and make your home more efficient you have to think about replacing the items in your home with more environmentally friendly ones.

Thus, select new products that have been extracted in a responsible and sustainable way or, better yet, that have been built with recycled material.

Do not forget to choose appliances from the A + category as they are the most ecological.

Renewable energy

Although it is true that they are increasingly present in our day-to-day lives, renewable energies remain unknown when it comes to integrating them into our home life.

Currently, we have numerous electrical devices that are powered by renewable energy. This is the case, for example, of lamps or water heaters that run on solar energy and are powered by small solar panels.

A good option is to integrate solar panels into the house for general household power. This option will mean energy savings of up to 80%.

If you are determined to reform your home, do not hesitate to contact a reform company professional.

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