What is a sail awning? Can you install it in your country house?


canopy sail cottage

A sail awning is an accessory to create shade in an outdoor space of our house and thus enjoy the outdoors during the summer.

Whether on a terrace, garden or patio, a sail awning is a cheaper alternative to traditional awnings or pergolas that are also more difficult to install.

Extend our house

Those who enjoy nature in a country house will help them to take more advantage of the land as they will have an additional shaded space whose size will depend on the type of awning they choose.

For example, in pergolasyjardin.com they have made a selection with the best sail awnings and among the different models we can see the properties they offer, apart from giving us shade, let's see.

The sail awnings are waterproof

A sail awning is a canvas (there are natural fabrics, which are the most ecological), extended or tensioned by holes that are at their vertices or points and that fit through anchors to supports.

They can be attached to the house (to a patio wall, for example) or to some kind of poles called masts where they can be anchored and bought only if they are necessary.

The canvas, be it natural or synthetic fabrics, is waterproof, repels water, so we will not get wet if it rains and prevents the appearance of mold on its surface.

A sail awning is a versatile accessory

Candle awnings come in various geometric shapes, the most common are triangular, square and rectangular. They are also presented in various measures.

In addition there are many colors, so there is a variety of models enough to combine well in any style.

Offer sun protection

If we want to put a nice set of garden furniture in the patio of the country house, to have a good time with our family and friends, no problem. Sail awnings usually have the ability to protect against UV rays, good news for both furniture and ourselves.

What awning sail choose?

To ensure that the awning will last a long time, it is best to select a strong and dense tarp that resists inclement weather, especially strong winds.

We must also take into account the size of the shadow zone we need. If it is a wide area, it is most convenient to install a rectangular awning or two squares arranged next to each other, taking into account that it is not a good idea if it rains a lot in our place.

If we only require a small area of ​​shade, we can opt for a triangular sail awning. I like these a lot because already installed and extended they give a very nice modern touch. If one was not enough, or we would like more shade, we could install one on top of the other, combining two contrasting or harmonic colors.

Shadow and design

When we install a canopy, the idea is to have a space with shade to avoid sunlight, which is sometimes annoying.

But it is important to know that we can have it without sacrificing aesthetics and design. First, the awning must combine with the garden furniture and the colors of the house.

We must even be clear about the atmosphere we want to create in that space, if we want a more environment chil out or more formal. If the house is beach, creating a marine environment can be successful.

If installed in a country house, the awning should probably harmonize with the rustic style that these generally have.

And the color?

Color is usually a doubt when we buy accessories for our homes.

In this regard, the first thing is to be aware of the colors that we already have in our decoration. Then, if the doubt persists we can opt for neutral colors that are very helpful: black, white and gray, brown or beige, dark blue, military green, camel and nude are also very combinable.

The most daring will always have the option of combining two or more awnings with different colors, arranged in different positions.


Installing sail awnings is easy for the "handyman" but the less skilled we must turn to specialist technicians to ensure an impeccable installation.

In any case, the awning will arrive with a mounting kit that includes the supports, anchors, fittings and masts, if necessary.

As we can see, sail awnings provide shade, as well as comfort and design both for a cozy country house and for a modern urban terrace.

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