What do we need for tourist accommodation software?


What do we need for tourist accommodation software? In general, the integral management of your reservations and have everything under control in the cloud. It's about power toadminister our reservations with security, creating different user accesses, managing the opinions and necessary data of the clients, speeding up the check-in … Optimizing our time to the maximum. It's the administration of our reserves from a single panel.

Our Management of tourist apartments is much simpler, simpler, more perfect. We can have access to the calendar or create different access accounts for each of our workers, so that each of them has access only to that which is their competence. We can define automatic collections, execute manual collections or make refunds.

We have options like notices adapted by mail and SMS automatically when a reservation is formalized or there is an application. This type of Automatic communications allows us to be aware of the internal organization from anywhere. We can be buying and at the same time aware of our business. With the Templates and the automatic sending, we can schedule to send emails or SMSs to ourselves or to the clients, and also to the staff.

tourist accommodation software

We can know the evolution of reservations and occupancy by accommodation

Or by set of accommodations. And let's go to be able to export reserves and movements to excel. We can even get profitability reports for lodging. CEvery new reservation is made automatically and the basic rates are established, by season, by minimum stay, day of entry, advances, extras, offers, discounts …

We earn time and money and forget about overbooking. We secure our income while saving time automating the charges and pre-authorizations for reservations. And all with an integrated payment gateway. It's like carrying the business in your pocket. Access our account from your mobile, tablet and other platforms. With everything under control and at all times.

Many thousands of managers of tourist flats and villas are already trusting and using this software, among other things because they are the sOwn solution of online payments for vacation rentals. You install it and you only have to Save your customers arrive. Te lets you mechanize the collection and check the card data, safely and comfortably. It also allows you to contact with the primordial sales channels, receive from them reserves, and let them be organized automatically obtaining each and every one of the data.

tourist accommodation software

With each and every one of the details in sight

In an Order Planning ordered and by categories. You usually have everything ororganized in weekly, monthly or quarterly views, with all the information, incompact istas, origin of reserves, cguest's comments cantity of people, ctotal, sPayment system, planning of reserves …

It is the way to make the management of your hotel or a simple holiday rental. PEl softwareRows invoices with professional appearance in seconds and at any time and place. Always ready to download, organized. We can Access our information from any device, platform and site. Where we are, we will be able to manage the accommodation. CAny action made by any user will be able to be consulted in the details of the reservation.

We can add notes when we receive a reservation and inform us of what we must do on the day the guest arrives. To the end of quarter, in thirty seconds we have the Value Added Tax of each and every one of the invoices. In addition to this we have reports of all kinds and periodically. Everything under control. And they make it easier for us to implement attractive discounts in less than a minute.

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