What do I need to go on vacation to Hawaii?


Are you thinking of traveling to Hawaii? Are you a surf lover or are you curious to know this volcanic island? In this case, you should know that to travel to Hawaii, whether for tourist or other reasons, it is necessary to have the corresponding visa for Hawaii issued by the United States.

Hawaii - United States of America
A beautiful image of the mountains of Hawaii.

In the case of being a Spanish, Andorran or Chilean citizen, you will be able to process the ESTA entry authorization thanks to the inclusion of these countries in the United States visa exemption program. Together with 35 other countries, you will not need a conventional visa, only an entry authorization to the country that can be processed online in 10 minutes.

Details to consider for Spaniards

Spain is one of the 38 countries whose citizens are exempt from applying for and obtaining the corresponding visa to enter the United States. However, the fact that they do not have to obtain a conventional visa does not imply that they should not go through certain procedures before obtaining authorization to travel to Hawaii or anywhere else in the United States. Instead of a visa, Spaniards must obtain the ESTA, which enables them to enter or transit (with final destination to any other country) through any of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.

The Hawaiian archipelago is a wonderful group of islands that receives more and more visitors and tourists. These Pacific islands enjoy a wonderful natural wealth, dormant volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches and is one of the cradles of surfing. If you are also planning to visit Hawaii, you can do so by getting the ESTA first.

Ideally, apply with a 72 hours minimum advance, since this will save you waiting and possible last-minute surprises. To do this, you must do it online. The process is usually simple and fast, and completing it should not take more than ten minutes. You must complete the ESTA form by incorporating the personal information that you are asked for, and also answering a series of questions about your medical history and criminal records, if they are available.

You must always respond honestly, telling the truth. Otherwise, the US authorities may not let you cross the border, and they may even expel you from the country at any time, even if you have managed to enter. You might even have problems in the future, when you want to apply again for a visa to enter the United States.

Although traveling in a group, each of the people who make it up must request and obtain an ESTA. This also includes babies and children with whom you are traveling. In those cases, you must also obtain the corresponding visa or document THIS for the children. The procedure to request the ESTA on behalf of a third person (in this case, a minor) is the same as the procedure performed for oneself, with the difference that the adult making the request for a minor must Specify the relationship that links you with the child during the application process.

The ESTA application for children is made up of several sections. Among them, traveler information, family information (relative to family relationships that bind the requesting adult and the minor for whom the permit is requested), address and place of residence of the traveler, passport details, questions related to dual citizenship, emergency contact, planned itinerary within the United States and general questions.

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