What clothes to wear at a music festival


To choose what clothes to wear at a music festival It can be one of the funniest parts of attending the event. Share with your best friends: there is no better way to start the warmer months than with a day (or several) at a music festival.

Your ticket to have a good time lies in dress to be comfortable without sacrificing style. Whether you're looking for a more boho look inspired by Coachella, a striking outfit or a feminine dress with frills to dominate the day, ask your stylist for some simple but essential pieces that will make you the beauty of the festival.

What clothes to wear at a music festival

Dance in this way for the essentials of the music festival.

Rock like a youth star

Remember, it doesn't matter if you're heading towards the desert or the mountain, it's summer, may follow it's hot all day, but the nights can be quite cold. Play intelligently with a light layer that can wrap around your waist during the day, such as a cardigan or a general purpose jacket, and use to keep you warm when temperatures start to drop.

«Play intelligently with a light layer that can wrap around your waist during the day»

You can opt for trousers and t-shirt in neutral colors and let your extra layer add as much color as possible.

Bohemia … Rhapsody

A light and baggy dress It is always a pleasure for the festival. You can dance to the content of your heart without breaking sweat. Combine it with leather ankle boots Or before, add texture to your look and give it a more relaxed and more realistic environment. A oversized bag with a touch of boho with fringes combines the look and is the perfect place to store your essential elements of the festival: Think of sunscreen, a colorful scarf, even leggings and a knitted cardie for cold nights.

Indie and relaxed

A 70's basic, denim skirt It becomes one of the favorites of the festival that steals the spotlights. A little rough around the edges, blends well with a windy blouse and a sweet pink jacket as possible. Round it with a straw bag to keep your hands free (and your wallet, ID and secure phone). Complement the look with some tennis shoes, and you are ready to succeed.

Classic and modern

The wide trousers They are a very popular option for festival goers, and for good reason. The fluid silhouette is flattering, especially when combined with a tight knit top (fitted) to balance the highest waist. Elevate the style with platform espadrilles and a cross bag for the right size.

Classic romantic

A simple pair of cropped jeans and a floral sleeveless blouse scream timelessly without losing your voice. Finish the look with flat poppy sandals.

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