What are the newest options to go on a trip this 2019?


Best trips 2019

Enjoying wonderful places during the holidays makes the feeling that time was used to increase greatly. To prepare this article, we put in the center of the target two amazing places that are giving a lot to talk about in 2019.

Going on vacation can be an activity that takes place in summer or at the time of the year when there is a free space. Whatever the date, there are some recommendations that can be included for a short-term getaway or considered for future getaways. And it is essential to pay attention because Perhaps what you have to see on these sites will not be the same as any of the sites that are most publicized on the web.

Kenya: Africa at your feet

Taking a trip to an African country is the dream that many have in their hearts. Its landscapes are out of the ordinary seen in other scenarios and the abundance of characteristic fauna and flora functions as a very powerful magnet.

In fact, make a trip to Kenya It could be among the almost immediate plans if it is set as an objective. It is one of the main scenarios for safaris and not of any kind, because it makes available many natural parks where very striking species such as the leopard coexist.

Perhaps at some point you have seen the behavior of this part of the animal kingdom through television programs. However, there is no more exciting experience than going into their natural habitat and closely observing the behavior they have in their space.

Many specialists agree on the importance of seeing the lion so closely, but for sure the species that captivates most by the spectacle it generates is the buffalo, with its passage through the Mara river.

Among the other wild species that can also be obtained are elephants, rhinos, chimpanzees and a variety of birds that will leave high impact memories engraved in the mind. As if that were not enough, the sunrises and sunsets of the Kenyan savanna are not comparable to any others that can be seen around the world and that is saying a lot.

Aurora borealis

We drastically change the stage to talk about what has been considered best trips to see the northern lights. This is a show that can be seen especially in Norway, where the northern lights create a vivid presentation in full color for everyone to enjoy a unique show.

It must be taken into consideration that because they are natural shows, there are times of the year where it is better to contemplate them than in others. For this reason, good travel planning becomes essential. According to specialists, The best months are March and October, followed by February and September.

In addition to that, there are cities where it is easier to enjoy the show and that should also be taken into account when choosing the accommodation. The cities that best combine views of the northern lights and lodging are: Lofoten Islands, North Cape, Svalbard and Tromso.

Best of all, this is a totally free show because after all it is a natural matter. However, expenses will always be generated around the trip as such as it is possible to get here by plane or by road. If you sign up for cruise ships that stop at one of the ports in Norway, you can also admire them because they include them precisely for this purpose.

Undoubtedly, these two alternatives are not the most common when planning a getaway because it is very difficult to keep them in mind due to the bombing of other types of destinations that are already very striking, such as the Balearic Islands or New York.

The fact is that living any of these two experiences has a very high human value, because not only will be taking advantage of vacation days but also will come into direct contact with nature, valuing what she puts at our disposal to please us And delight us.

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