What are the benefits of using original ink cartridges?


What are the benefits of using original ink cartridges?

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Whether you are a normal user who makes prints for everyday use or if you are a student or work in an office, you may use the printer regularly.

And although we live in a digital society the use of paper and prints is something totally necessary, whether for a consultation, to study, to make a presentation or simply for convenience the printing of papers and documents is a necessity present in our society.

And it is that for much digital device that there is a need for paper and its comfort makes printers last a long time.

How many kinds of ink cartridges exist?

The good thing is that printing technology has improved greatly in recent years, ink cartridges consume much less, both in amount of energy consumed and in the amount of ink and paper. Not to mention that there are different types of cartridges, laser and refillable.

Refillable cartridges offer the possibility of refilling with different ink to be able to make prints beyond the first refill. The problem with this type of cartridge is that in many occasions the brands of the printers put problems so that they cannot be used.
In fact, the incompatibility of companies is an inconvenience since printers are limited by software and cannot be used for much equivalent ink.

And although they cost a little more, it is advisable to use original ink cartridges. And not only that, the printer companies have improved their technology and have made the cartridges last much longer.

An example is the HP company that is a leader in the computer segment, especially accessories equipment such as printers and have specific products for their computers. In the case of printers they have Hp cartridges that offer better medium and long-term performance that is better than those of compatible cartridges.

And is that the use of these cartridges is designed for and by the printer and the specific brand, this makes them last longer and of course not fail. Thing that does happen and much more than compatible ink cartridges.

And is that each compatible ink cartridge must match the specifications not only of the brand of the printers but with the model, and it is not the same to print a certain number of sheets in a basic model than in a mid-range or high. Not to mention that they dry and that the compatible ones do not have a counter or optimizer of their own software that manages the different shades of color, the number of pages, the granulation of the pages or even their quality.

What are the advantages of the original cartridges?

The original ink cartridges may be a little more expensive than the compatible ones, but it lasts longer, therefore, they compensate more since their price-quality ratio is better.

They do not fail and do not dry out so they are always ready to print.

Not to mention that they have a better quality ink. This means that paper spending will be much lower and that although it may seem an unimportant detail when making few impressions is something that should be seen in the long term since when many impressions are made, we refer to more than 500, Paper price influences much in the final expense.

All this without commenting that the original ink cartridges are prepared for recycling and conservation with the environment.

Reusable or compatible ink ones have bigger problems since they use non-original products and leave more residue. In fact, companies use recycling materials when marketing their original cartridges, it is not surprising that the original cartridges are made up of more than 60 or even 70 percent recycled materials.

All this causes the life of the cartridges to be lengthened and their efficiency to be greater, so it results in a lower expense. Besides that the originals do not present problems at the time of installation, something that can happen with the compatible ones when giving failures with the configuration of the printer, the mark or the ink.

Original ink cartridges, especially from leading brands such as HP, makes this type of cartridge more efficient and compensates for its long-term purchase.
And sometimes cheap is not profitable.

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