Wedding trends for 2019



Everyone that fashions always come back. Some leave and others come. In the world of weddings the same thing happens, that's why we want to tell you about the trends of this 2019. Yes, in March, but you still have time to be present at your wedding.

* No closed menus. Before at weddings a banquet is held with all the guests seated and with a service of waiters serving each table. The menu was unique decided by the couple. Currently, the trend is different. Few waiters and many food stations as a buffet with different dishes for the menu and each guest is made at the time his own menu.


* We leave behind the rustic decorations to make way for more natural decorations with the use of many green plants and of minimalist style. To me in particular, saying goodbye to the rustic makes me very sad, it is a style that I love and we have made so many decorations with this style … but they touch new challenges!

decoration with fern 4

*Triumph of bright colors. The white disappears and the wedding of 2019 will be filled with color.

Weddings in yellow and white

*Hello bridal pants. Yes, as you hear, you tend to leave behind the wedding dresses to make way for your pants.

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<p style=*Goodbye veil, hello coat. Yes, brides leave behind the most classic veils and tend to the layers.

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<p style=Well, these are the trends this year and the next.