Water pumps for the garden, uses and tips to choose the right one


The water pumps for the garden can be a great investment in our home when, above all, we have water pressure problems, but this is not the only case, there are several disadvantages that our garden can present and a water pump can make life much easier, let's see what this topic is about:

uses of motor pumps in the garden

When do we need a water pump?

There are several reasons why we may need a water pump or, whether it works by using electric power (electric pump) or by supplying gasoline (motor pump):

  • Drain water from an area of ​​the garden that is flooded
  • Solve water pressure problems for irrigation
  • Install correctly a sprinkler irrigation system
  • Drain the water from the pool
  • Use rainwater as a supply
  • Among others that do not come to mind at this time

How a water pump works (in a nutshell)

The main objective of a motor pump is handle and move large amounts of water, always in a more simple, but above all things, efficient.

Water PumpThey basically have a connection entry or aspiration (which is why the water supply enters), a engine (What can be electric or fuel) and a connection output or drive (which is where the water flow comes out with as much pressure as the motor powers)

The amount of water that a motor pump can handle it is determined by its power, which is measured in Hp.
For example, a pump of 1 or 2 Hp, will give us a flow of 35 to 50 liters per minute. With a 9 hp, we obtain a flow rate of 1300 liters per minute. The higher the hp, the greater the flow rate.

Which one to choose according to what we are going to use it for?

Let's see now some examples and parameters that we must take into account when choosing the correct water pump according to our purpose and need.

Empty flooded rooms or drain pools

In this case the choice will depend on whether the water that we have to extract is clean or dirty, as well as the quantity.

We will choose one submersible clean water pump, if the particles do not exceed 0.5 mm. If these particles go from 0.5 to 35 mm, we will decide on a submersible dirty water pump.
If the place that we must drain, is far from the electricity supply or, the amount of water is too much, it will be convenient to choose a gasoline or diesel motor pump.

Watering gardens and gardens

If we only need to water without worrying too much about the water pressure, this is for example for drip or hose irrigation, we can choose both a surface pump like a motor pump (to fuel), which will allow us to obtain the water supply from wells up to 8 meters deep, reservoirs or tanks, as it could be one that we have designed for the collection of rainwater.

Sprinkler irrigation

If we have installed a sprinkler or buried irrigation, we will need to give water pressure to the diffusers or the turbines. In this case, it is convenient to choose a surface electric pump If the terrain to be covered is relatively small, or a motor pump if the terrain is very wide and we need not only pressure but a greater flow.

electric pump

To finish, I leave an image that I have found out there with information about the choice of the water pump according to the use.

I hope that today's note has been useful, anyway, this is just an orientation, before buying explain your needs to the seller.

Until next time!


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