Warhammer Odyssey Comes to Android, an RPG Adventure


Android games are growing greatly Just like your user community. More and more people play on their smartphones, practically, professionally. That is why Warhammer Odyssey has now arrived.

If yours are the RPG games Then this title may become one of your favorites. Continue reading because we will give all the details of the game.

The best of Warhammer Odyssey will be its immense map

Like any role-playing game, this title will be set in ancient times, that is, the medieval times. The enemies will be monsters and bandits who will try to desolate every little town.

Your objective within the game will be that of become a powerful enough hero as to be able to destroy each of your enemies and threats.

Now the best thing about the game will be the huge map That will be available to you. There you can play in real time with other players of all the world. They can perform team missions and much more.

Warhammer Odyssey joins the “free to play” mode

This means that the game will be totally free. Of course, as a free to play game, the fort of the title will be based on the microtransactions so in order to evolve you must buy certain items with real money.

For now, the game does not have a departure date. Similarly, on the official website there is already a pre-registration so you can be part of the beta and thus become the first to be part of this title.

Pre-registration | Warhammer odyssey

It is confirmed that the game will obviously reach Android and also to iOS. The whole community expects it to be a great title, capable of supplanting the original board game that had scale figures made and painted by hand.

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