Voice of the Narrator, a curious Android app


Voice of the Narrator

Do you like to make funny videos? Then surely you've ever wanted to give them funny voices. Y Voice of the Narrator It is an Android app that has been specially designed for it. It is an application with different options to voice the creations you have made.

You will simply have to write the text you want and choose the voice and language. In a matter of seconds you will have a narration for your videos with a voice of the most sympathetic and in the language you want. An Android application that you should not miss, if you are fond of creating humor videos.

Voice of the narrator, the app to voice your videos

How Narrator Voice works

The process to give voice to a video is very simple. You will simply have to write the text with which you want to narrate your video in the space indicated for it. Then you will have to choose the voice with which you want it to double.

You will also have to select the language in which you want to use it. Finally, you can select if you leave the voice as it is or if you prefer to add some effect. The dubbing will be prepared with the Voice of the Narrator app.

Narrator Voice Features

One of the strengths that this application has, are its numerous options for customize videos. Thus, you can choose from a wide variety of voices, and also between many different languages. The effects you can add, will make it finish adapting to your needs.

Once you have finished the narration, the time will come to share it. If you keep it in the memory of your phone, you can do it whenever you want. But you also have a button to share on social networks directly from the app.

In this way, the audio file that is created can be viewed on networks such as Facebook or Instagram. You can also send it by WhatsApp to your contacts in order to laugh for a while.

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Video or audio only

With Voice of the narrator you have two options at your disposal. The first one is to use the audio you have created as a background for any of your videos. The second is to directly share a fun audio file.

Where to download Voice of the Narrator for Android?

Whatever it is, we recommend you try this application, which is completely free. It is compatible with virtually any version of Android, and already has more than 5 million downloads.

If you want to be the next to know it, you can download it in the following box of apps:

Voice of the Narrator
Voice of the Narrator

Once you've tried Voice of the Narrator, don't forget to stop by our comments section below. In it you can share with other users your experience in the use of this app, which is becoming very popular among users of the Google operating system.

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