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vintage decoration pools

Are you thinking of creating or building a pool? Are you looking for examples of pools to inspire you? Do you like vintage or retro decoration and style? Well, we invite you to read our next article where we give you some ideas of how make a pool with a vintage style. Are you interested Well, let's go there …

In the decoration of our pool, it is possible to place some retro or vintage elements with the aim of achieving a decoration with more style and personality. Let's see some retro decorating ideas that we can apply

Artificial grass around the pool

Around the pool it is very well decorated to put artficial grass. It gives a very cool and classic touch.

To be inspired by designs that can be copied, I leave a website with many photos of examples of decoration of swimming pools with artificial turf of a company that has the best price of artificial grass in Madrid. The best way to decorate is to be inspired by other examples.

Artificial turf gives much less maintenance work than natural grass, since it mainly does not require irrigation.

Artificial grass can give that rustic touch in a pool. Rustic decoration is closely associated with the vintage world. In addition the artificial grass combines very well with wooden furniture that are the classic exponents of the retro style.

Concrete Pools

There are many ways to build pools and with different materials. One of the recommended ones is with concrete.

To know more about this type of pool we recommend you visit this page specialized in the construction of vintage style concrete pools It has many photos of client projects and where you can get very good examples to inspire you.

The construction of new construction pools with concrete consists of the construction of the continuous walls of the pool with reinforced concrete material. Said material offers advantages over other materials. Through the technique of gunite the pool is built. This method allows us to obtain pools with more creative and personalized shapes and not depend on an already established pool mold.

Retro style decorative tile

In recent years, Gresite has become very fashionable as a material to customize the designs of the bottoms and walls of a pool made of concrete. Gresite is a building material that consists of a kind of vitrified ceramic which comes in very small square models. We combine these squares trying to obtain decorative mosaics at the bottom or walls of the pool. This material is very easy to install in the pool. It is also very comfortable to clean and maintain.

If you want to achieve a vintage decoration you can choose one of these decorative motifs:

  • Animal designs like dolphins, fish, animals of Greek mythology
  • Flower designs
  • The typical drawing of the Rose of the Winds
  • Use of letters with retro typefaces
  • Use of geometric shapes to imitate Gaudí's architectural style

The pools as a decorative and leisure element

In addition to being one of the most demanded leisure constructions in the summer, the pools can also be converted into a decorative accessory of our home, since they occupy a large space of our house.

I hope you liked our article on “Vintage style pool construction with artificial grass decoration”And has served as an example of inspiration to make your next project of construction or renovation of swimming pools. See you in next blog articles 🙂

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