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vintage screens

Do you like the world of decoration? Are you looking for new ideas to inspire you to decorate the interior of your home? Do you like retro style decoration? Well, we recommend you read our next article where we will talk about 2 very interesting elements such as the “vintage paintings and screens". Are you interested Well, let's go there …

Screens with vintage style

A screen is an element that serves to separate 2 environments in a particular place or room. It is its main function but in recent years it has also become a decorative element.

As usual in our blog, we always like to recommend websites of stores where to get very attractive products with a marked vintage or retro style.

On this occasion we want to recommend the website of StoreCasadelBox what is an online decoration shop. Store of picture modern, abstract, vintage… Screens and Wall murals to decorate your home . You can buy online without shipping costs. We liked these models of vintage screens which has among those that stand out:

  • Screen with the design of a bottle of wine –
  • Children's screen with origami dinosaur designs
  • Banana Leaf screen
  • Screens with flower designs (floral designs have always been closely linked to the vintage style.
  • Screens with old world map designs (one of my favorites for office decoration)

Did you know that the word "screen" comes from the Japanese language and comes to mean "wind protection ”. This is because formerly the screens were used to protect themselves from air currents.

The screens can be 3 or 5 pieces. It depends on the space we want to fill and the environment we want to separate, one size fits better than another.

Pictures with retro style

To complete the decoration of the screens we can rely on the paintings. The walls can bring a very retro touch with good paintings with vintage designs and classic motifs.

We also recommend you visit the website of StoreCasadelBox to inspire you and see beautiful designs of vintage paintings.

We liked the following retro frame models on their website:

  • Pictures with the word Home and a wooden imitation background
  • Frames with floral designs
  • The picture with classic vintage or racing car designs
  • Our favorite is the "Musci of te past" box with sound equipment and vinyl records with touches from the seventies.
  • Pictures with black and white photo backgrounds.

In the end the vintage decoration can be achieved with a suitable combination of auxiliary elements such as furniture, ornaments, paintings, screens, carpets. Vintage decoration is not always achieved with the color of the walls, ceiling or floor. There are many ways to get this retro style with personality that we are looking for.

In decoration always place a controversial piece. It will give conversation topic to your guests. Dorothy Draper

I hope you liked our article on "Vintage Frames and Screens" and know about this type of article that complements very well with the retro decoration that you want to apply in your home or workplace. See you in next blog articles 🙂

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