vintage madrid: Hardware store by Ego


… Even in this way, due to an inconvenience of inheritance, the establishment forced its owner to put it on sale, making evident a shortage of products and quality in the offer that little by little was frightening customers leaving orphaned a district of the charm that your business provided.

"On the one hand we find the 'basic' style EGO consisting of a tasting of ham cut against the fibers of the muscle and letting discover each and every one of the nuances and flavors contained in the leg of the ham. On the other hand, Emilio introduced a few years ago the mergers of ham with external elements such as wasabi, sesame, ginger or date, leaving the diner to enjoy a unique experience and discover new and completely different flavors, "says Maria Chana, communication director and restaurant marketing.

Its attractive on the plate is appreciated in its interior design and testera, with a bright sign that catches the attention at night and continues to honor the place that once was, since it has remained the same as before and with the only modification of an impeccable restoration.

The pedestrians of the district and the tourists who approach him see it as an impossible task not to stand hypnotized in front of his window, seeing the legs of ham that are exposed and that are the perfect temptation to enter and gossip what is cooked in this particular local. Strange thing in a street of step as it is Atocha, in which a restaurant or bar is not used to be the main attraction.

Now, it is here where cocktails conceived by the mixologist Adam Varga are dispensed, such as the Spritz of the house -Aperol, Prosecco and Oremus sweet wine-, a traditional Bellini or a nod to Menorca with the Pomada, made with Xoringuer gin.

Ferretería by EGO

Everything is to welcome those who seek something different in the capital of Spain and that goes out of the canons of the usual local tapas and olé to those who are accustomed in the area, knowing that here they really take give something as valuable as the good product.


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