VEVO Expands its Smart TV Reach by Partnering with Vewd


VEVO has signed a new partnership with the TV OS provider Vewd to include a new VEVO application in Smart TVs.

Thanks to this new agreement, VEVO will be aligned with new technological trends in a variety of devices. This association will include TiVo DVR and certain smart TVs from Sony, Hisense and Philips. The two companies reached a global distribution agreement for VEVO content in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

VEVO expects the new agreement to attract the attention of millions of viewers for its videos, which will be available live on devices with Vewd technology in September 2019.

Executive Vice President of Business Development, Alex Kisch, says the association is part of its expansion strategy.

"Vewd's powerful television partner network offers a large scale that will allow Vevo to have the opportunity to access important and growing markets, bringing some of the most sought-after content to new audiences and creating value for our artists, composers, record labels and publishing partners ”.

Some readers who are technology experts may remember Vewd better as Opera TV. Vewd software currently feeds more than 350 million smart TVs and streaming devices.

This new partnership means an important shift in VEVO's approach to new technologies.

Previously, the company worked to develop its own set of applications for mobile devices and streaming platforms. These applications have been abandoned in favor of optimizing the presence of the platform on YouTube. But that does not mean that VEVO reduces the distribution of Smart TVs.

Consequently, VEVO wants to focus on syndicating and selecting its content while outsourcing application development. It is a more profitable approach to the distribution of music videos. It is important to note that instant access to more than 350 million devices is an attractive user base.

Vewd is based in Oslo, Norway, and has worked with several hardware companies. The company offers administration and distribution of applications to help reduce costs and increase monetization. This allows content creators and owners to focus on delivering quality content. Vewd calls himself "the world's largest connected TV ecosystem."

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