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Pure vegetable oils are highly appreciated for guaranteeing and keeping all the properties of their active ingredients intact. Thanks to its manufacturing mechanism through the first cold pressing, a quality oil is obtained without additives or chemical processes that can alter its natural composition.

Benefits of vegetable oils for health

Pure vegetable oils contain a high concentration of active ingredients that contribute to conserve and maintain all natural properties obtained from medicinal plants or seeds. Its clearly organic origin represents an excellent alternative to conventional cosmetics for the natural treatment of our skin and hair.

Nature gives us a great variety of natural vegetable oils depending on our needs or treatments. In fact, there are different oils for each skin type. In many cases they represent a much more effective and economical alternative than many conventional cream or lotion treatments.

»Vegetable oils are a clear alternative to conventional cosmetics thanks to their medicinal and therapeutic properties of natural origin. Its regular use guarantees complete hydration of the skin, as well as nourishing, regenerating and protecting it from external elements. »

Vegetable oils for cosmetic use are completely natural products extracted, in most cases, by mechanical processes of the first cold pressure. This process guarantees a totally natural product which is obtained from the collection of different plants, seeds or fruits, such as Argan oil, Rosa Mosqueta, Jojoba or Tea Tree among many other varieties.

To guarantee its purity and medicinal qualities, it is recommended to keep these vegetable oils in cool, dark places, away from light and heat sources. Being vegetable oils without additives or chemical preservatives, we must pay special attention to its conservation, since we can alter its therapeutic properties. Meet the wide range of vegetable oils through the website.

Natural oils of plant origin contain numerous beneficial elements For our body. These are substances rich in vitamins, minerals and especially polyunsaturated fatty acids. The use of these types of vegetable oils in the field of beauty since ancient times is well known.

Vegetable oils for cosmetics

As we have commented previously, vegetable oils represent a natural alternative compared to industrial cosmetic products that sometimes contain chemical ingredients harmful to our skin. Vegetable oils help maintain good health and prevent premature aging of the skin thanks to its qualities of natural origin.

The use of these types of oils for daily use can be applied directly to the skin in small doses due to their high concentration. It is recommended to clean the skin previously before application, two or three drops are enough to notice its beneficial effects. Then gently press the fingertips on the area to be treated. Its absorption is fast.

»Vegetable oils can also be used in the preparation of homemade cosmetics, both in the preparation of creams and facial and hair masks.»

The vegetable oils most used in natural cosmetics are those obtained by cold pressure such as Tea tree for its purifying and healing qualities, the exotic Argan oil with ultrahydrating properties or of course, the Rosehip oil for its regenerative qualities and its anti-aging effect at the cellular level.

Other types of vegetable oils such as Jojoba oil for the care and natural protection of our hair, the Shea Butter oil that nourishes and moisturizes our dry and punished skin or the Arnica oil, highly recommended for the treatment of small bruises thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

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