Urgent call to Copys and Content


As you well know, a great threat hangs over every web page and every business in the world. About they contents. This is an urgent call to copys and content.

Bad contents grow like weeds, and it is your task, Copy, Content, to end them. Click to Tweet

The contents They need your help to fulfill their mission, so that they can fight for a better future for your brand or for your business, and people don't care. It’s homework for the hardened Copywriters and Content Managers Save the digital world from this great threat.

Maybe you think, "Yes, Inma, I'm Copy or Content, but I'm just one person. What can I do? Let me tell you something, you are the Chosen One, like Neo in the Matrix. You have been chosen to fight this great battle.

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To do this, you will need to draw a battle plan. You will need to know which flank you are going to attack first. Here I leave you what our tactics will be. Do you join the fight?

Copys: Focus on your goals

As in any battle, what are your goals that your content has? They will be different depending on the business in which you are. It's time to think about why you want to use copywriting or content marketing and what are those results you want to get Deciding and focusing on your goals will soon allow you to make future decisions, such as when you decide to attack a target. The success of your mission depends largely on what you want to achieve. If something doesn't help you achieve your goals, It should not be part of your strategy.

Who will fight by your side?

The life of the Chosen is hard, we have to give up many things, but, we can always find other people who share our mission and who are going to help us in this company.

Who will be part of your content and copy team? It is very possible that you have to do it yourself, but, if you can and have the possibility of working in a team, you should not be tempted to fight alone. Maybe you can do it, but it will take you much longer. If you are a small business, it may be a good idea to contact professionals copys and content writing, like us.

At a minimum, to form a good battalion, The League of Copies and Extraordinary Content, you should find someone who has web, design and SEO knowledge if you are in a company. This person will have to be dedicated full time, although if you work with a freelance, in general, this person usually has knowledge of all these fields, even if it is minimal. For necessity.

Turn your customers into stereotypes

Just a moment. I already know perfectly what you are going to tell me at this point. «Stereotypes? No customer is the same, Inma. Well, yes but no, as my mother says.

Although the word stereotype It has a fairly negative connotation, this is just what you have to do with your customers. Think about what they have in common and believe contents and copies based on this similarity. It's like when you classify the bad guys: the silly bad guy, the bad calculator and the baddest bad guy among the bad guys.

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Every battle has to end: the copy and content also have deadlines

A battle that lasts too long means losing many soldiers, a lot of money and a lot of effort. The same happens when a copy or content project is eternalized. For it, Be realistic and consider realistic deadlines to finish. Keep it real. Create milestones and deadlines for your delivery dates. And, in case there are others fighting with you, let everyone know the completion dates.

Be a hero Take action now.

Ideas and projects are worthless if they are not carried out. Our task as Content or Copys is to take action, capture everything in our head in digital media and save the world from bad content. Businesses need you to get their own personality reflected in their digital presences. It is time to fight. It is time to write.

Update your weapons. Old weapons are not effective

If your weapons are out of date you will not be able to get the performance you can. That's why the copys and the content have to always have our arsenal ready. And our weapons are the contents and our brain.

As you continue creating content, the old one will continue to circulate on the Internet. It is cool that from time to time you review the one out there and update it so that it is always fresh and of interest to your users. You don't have to get rid of the content just because they are old, maybe they generate visits.

It is a difficult task, but together we can achieve it. We need you. Do you join the cause?

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