Universities of Psychology in Spain


Universities of Psychology in Spain
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It should be noted that for you to prepare studies related to mental health, the Universities of Psychology in Spain are a good option. However, if you want to go further, the degree of psychology taught in English by Dr. Schellhammer Bachelor of Arts in Psychology offers you a new experience to deepen this wide and interesting science.

According to the different confidence indicators there are some Universities in Spain that stand out above others when studying psychology. On this occasion we will offer you that ranking, which will be very useful if you have doubts about which university to choose.

As far as psychology is concerned, it is necessary to know that it is a young health science with respect to the other sciences. And many of its contents and research are in full revolution, through paradigm changes. Although in the academic field it focuses mainly on research, statistics and the most purely scientific of human behavior. To study the degree of psychology we make these recommendations, which are subject to official data on the most contributions made in the field of psychology.

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The best Universities of Psychology in Spain

Although there are many universities in Spain that offer the degree of psychology, not all of them teach the same, the professors, teaching and resources they have are also different. Its quality varies from one university to another. Among the criteria that stand out the most are the academic and professors reputation, as well as the impact of their research in psychology. Below we detail the most recognized in Spain and with the highest score to study the degree of psychology.

Autonomous University of Madrid

The Autonomous University of Madrid is the first Spanish institution and the third most relevant in Europe. It is among the top 50 in the world to study psychology. It was founded in 1968 offering a wide variety of studies that are organized in 8 schools. Its facilities are highly acclaimed, as it has two excellent campuses, one of them enters nature and has a good connection to the center of the Spanish capital. On the other campus is the prestigious Faculty of Medicine, near La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

Something that also makes this University stand out are its research and professional work. It has an ambitious employability plan with agreements between various institutions. He has earned a reputation, so studying psychology at this University is a unique opportunity that is important to seize.

University of Granada

Not only is it a great university because of the place where it is so special. It also offers an academic training full of possibilities, so that students develop their full potential. It has professors, such as Jaime Vila Castellar, of great prestige in the field of psychology, with projects and research of great impact worldwide. His curriculum is very complete, being an excellent option to decide to study psychology.

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University of Barcelona

Barcelona is another of the great cities of Spain, and the University of Barcelona is one of the best places to study psychology. In 2016 the degree of psychology obtained the accreditation of excellence by the Agency of quality in the university system. According to the QS World University Rankings his faculty of psychology is among the 150 best in the world. The training is rigorous, based on business practices and institutions of good quality. A great option if you want your studies to be based primarily on acquiring important skills.

University of Valencia

It is another of the most important universities in Spain to study the degree of psychology. Its program aims to train competent professionals, with the scientific knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for intervention in any field of psychology. In turn, everything necessary is acquired to evaluate, diagnose and intervene both individually and socially, promoting a better quality of life and mental health status.

It is also a reference in research, using different ways of investigating and analyzing data. In any field of psychology they use their research, having thus gained the academic prestige that the University of Valencia has.

University choice to study the Psychology Degree

These Universities where you can study the degree of Psychology in Spain, in addition to be the best in this countryThey are also among the best in the world. So if you want one quality training, in which there are resources for research, and teachers are experienced enough to transmit all their knowledge, the choice of one of these universities will always be a success.

If you have chosen to study psychology, it is important that you know that Psychology is framed within the health sciences, so in order to pursue your studies it is necessary to attend to the investigations carried out in each of its aspects. Cognitive behavioral therapy is prevailing in the academic field, and therefore it is through this approach that clinical psychology develops. Between the professional outings that have the degree of psychology There is a wide variety of possibilities. It can be from the field of research, clinical psychotherapy, human resources, sports psychology, children and development, social psychology, etc.

One of the great advantages of studying psychology is that prepares and trains you to be able to exercise in various areas of action. All of them are focused on mental health and improving people's quality of life. That is why in the field of health, psychology is one of the most relevant and interesting disciplines.

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