Ultrasound 4D: The first picture of your baby


Nowadays technology has made it possible, that we can see our future baby inside our womb with incredible precision, thanks to the 4D echographies.

These ultrasounds no longer only show flat and difficult to interpret images for all of us who are not doctors, but allow us to see the baby with volume, perceive their facial features.

Well, 4D ultrasounds are 3D ultrasounds, with the only exception that 4D ultrasounds have movement.

That is, with the 4D ultrasound, we can see even the baby's grimaces, a blink or even a yawn.

It is amazing to even see some babies sucking their little fingers or giving us a smile.

And now there is also what is known as 5D ultrasound, what they get is a video of even higher quality if possible, thanks to HD technology.

Even sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a real video of a baby or a 5D ultrasound.

Thus, when the ultrasound finishes, the doctor gives you, not only a picture of your baby, but a video, so you can rejoice seeing your baby again and again before it is born.

Nowadays it does not matter where you live, you can get a 4D ultrasound in Zaragoza, in Madrid, in Barcelona, ​​in Valencia, in Seville … or even in any small city, you will surely find a specialized center to do it for you.

Of course, choose well, since the quality of the ultrasound can vary a lot from one place to another, so we recommend that you choose a center that already has 5D technology, which will ensure the quality of the ultrasound.

But how do ultrasounds really work?

An ultrasound is a system that allows the baby to be seen inside the uterus, thanks to a device that emits ultrasound.

These sound waves, although they are not perceptible by the ear, are transmitted through the tissues and depending on their characteristics, the distance to which each part of the baby is placed, or the composition of the tissues, emit a different echo, which is picked up by the device converting that signal into electrical energy. It is a process similar to that used in radars of ships or aircraft.

The device allows you to transform that energy you receive into an image, which can be seen in real time, using a computer, visualizing the shape and parts of the baby.

Depending on the intensity of the ultrasound waves, the quality of the image and the details that can be displayed may be better or worse.

Therefore, it is likely that if you perform an ultrasound in two different centers, their quality can vary greatly.

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