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types of contact lenses

The market for contact lenses has grown enormously, and many people
they resort to them to correct their vision when they refuse to carry

Even though
seem like a simple treatment (which it is), lace
Contact lenses have a classification based on their material and their
and is that not all are equal.

of contact lenses according to their material

Contact lenses

They are the most common because They are adaptable and easy to use for most people. They are divided into soft lenses daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and annually. Most cosmetic and therapeutic lenses are soft, as are Acuvue Oasys.

Contact lenses

There is
Two types of rigid contact lenses: of Polymethyl methacrylate and other oxygen permeable.
These are less common than soft ones and are recommended for
people with dry eyes. Most cost more than soft ones,
but they require less frequent replacement.

of contact lenses according to their function

Contact lenses

contact lenses are very effective to improve visual acuity without the need for surgery.
They come in different forms according to the desired objective; for example,
those used for astigmatism are heavier in the part
lower, while the lenses to correct myopia are
spherical and uniform. As well there are progressive and others that adapt to the needs

Renewal of corrective lenses is variable
Some are for single use, which requires a daily change; others
can be used for two weeks, others are monthly, and also
They can be annual.

Therefore, without the need for glasses, each person can find the
type of contact lenses you prefer for to get better
your vision while ensuring comfort
and respects the recommendations prescribed by the specialist.

Contact lenses

the people who want change
your eye color according to the days and events
There are cosmetic lenses. Do you want to have blue eyes than your
Natural shadow for a date? Red or yellow eyes for a
party with friends? Eyes of cat or snake to celebrate

summary, to change the color of your eyes or simply to
intensify the tone, nothing better than the use of cosmetic lenses.
These are
flexible, easy to use
and, unlike corrective ones, even people who do not have vision problems can use them.

cosmetic lenses, even without correction, remain
medical devices. Thus, it is recommended to speak with a specialist before using them,
as well as respect the rules of hygiene and use to maintain the
healthy eyes

Contact lenses

needed treat certain eye diseases, it is possible to resort to the use of
therapeutic lenses
Soft or stiff, they act as a dressing or as a kind of
deposit for medicine for a transitory treatment.

utilization is determined by the ophthalmologist, who
indicates the necessary lenses, adapts them and determines all their
characteristics through special tests.

Therapeutic lenses are usually used day and night
unlike the other types. The duration, indicated by the
specialist, varies depending on each case and must be respected.
A specific maintenance is usually prescribed according to the
method of use and the lenses chosen.

it is important to be strictly controlled by the doctor to avoid
and prevent any risk of complications.
They involve a greater risk than using corrective or cosmetic lenses,
especially in case of continuous use.

Whatever kind of contact lenses you use, you must be an ophthalmologist
who tells you which suits best what you want to achieve,
either improve your vision, change the color of your eyes to go to a
party or meet medical treatment.

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