Turn your passion for the bakery into a profession


The world of cake shop is booming, there are more and more restaurants that are asking for chefs specialized in this area, who design and make the sweets according to their menu and philosophy, making the gastronomic experience complete and at this point, the dessert is getting more and more importance within the letter.

But not only in restaurants or establishments of this type, but craftsmen and bakeries specializing in a particular public are one of the businesses that are most demanded by the population.

What you need to convert your passion for the bakery in your profession

Pastry is a discipline that requires highly qualified professionals. This art related to the sweet world requires perseverance, knowledge of the ingredients, how they interact, development of patience, of creativity, of food safety standards.

All this is possible with specialized and quality training. In the School of Hospitality and Tourism ESAH they offer a Pastry course very complete, either in person or even online.

The pastry course is 100% online and with 250 lectures, designed to reinforce and better understand the elaborations and techniques that we apply in the formation of different sweets. The professors who teach this training are active professionals of the School of Hospitality of Seville and the Lezama Group. They work in the sector and know first hand the needs of the companies that are currently dedicated to this profession.

The ESAH is a reference in online training in the hospitality sector and this is accredited by the award as the best European school awarded by Eurhodip, an association that brings together the most important hotel and tourism schools and universities in Europe.

They have physical headquarters in Seville and Madrid, where they also offer highly recommended courses and monographs.I have attended some of his monographs in Seville and they are of exceptional quality.

If you want to convert your hobby for the sweet masses in your profession, whether to work in a restaurant or in your own workshop, form yourself in the best schools and make your dream come true.

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